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Category: Joyful living

Aug 30
5 lifestyle practices for the Blue Moon

Supermoons are indeed super powerful because they are brighter and closer to the Earth. This means that the light illuminating our inner shadows is shinning brighter. These are the gifts of the full moon. Whatever frustrations, confusions or conflicts we experience in life, can be solved by going within and learning to release. Full moons […]

May 07
15 lessons of life to realise and start living by

Get inspired to live the life you love with these 15 lessons of life to realise and start living by. Life is a rhythm of highs and lows, movement and pause. Every new day presents us with different lessons that we can choose to learn from, to grow and to evolve. Sometimes we take life […]

May 04
30 days of journaling for self-discovery and living joyfully

Take the next 30 days to work on yourself and practice self-care. Get inspired with these journaling prompts to live more joyfully, explore your creativity and self-discovery. May is also said to be Mental health awareness month, to bring awareness for mental wellbeing, helpful resources and support. I think most of us have encountered challenging […]

Apr 20
Affirmations for new moon day transformation

Embrace the NEW with these powerful affirmations for new moon day transformation. ​Hello new moon! This is one of my favourite lunar phases, because the queen of the sky shines her light bright on all new aspects we want to manifest. The moon represents creativity and fluidity, guiding us to trust and flow freely with […]

Apr 04
Practices and affirmations for the April full moon in Libra

Practices and affirmations for the April full moon in Libra. Welcome the full moon with love and joy. ​The full moon is almost here and those who are sensitive to energy can probably already feel it. Full moons are definitely a time when resistance and tension of any kind can be experienced. Not only because […]

Apr 01
4 Powerful affirmations for body love and self-care

4 powerful affirmations for body love and self-care.​Our body is the physical shelter of our soul and the vehicle that helps us navigate in this physical world. If we understood just how amazing it is and the functions it has, we could truly learn to appreciate and honour it. Comparing our body to that of […]

Mar 31
Intuition VS Ego. How to understand the guidance from within

Understanding intuition vs ego. How to know the guidance from within. ​One question I often get asked by my students when I teach yoga philosophy is how can we tell if the inner guidance we receive is intuitive or from the ego. I’m sure most of us have received intuitive nudges at times, actually we […]

Mar 28
14 ways to boost positive energy in your life

We can always choose to be happy and feel good. Both of these can take some effort but if we pay attention to our daily habits and the way we think, we can identify what helps us to feel at our best and what drains our energy. Each one of us has positive and negative […]

Mar 19
Self-confidence vs arrogance. How to develop self-belief in humbleness

How to avoid turning confidence into arrogance. Learn how to develop self-belief in humbleness. There is a very clear line between self-confidence and arrogance. One is associated with believing in ourselves, and the other is seeing ourselves above everything/everyone else. Both require the use of ego, but self-confidence stems from knowing our worth and embracing […]

Mar 18
3 important questions to ask yourself on new moon days

How to make the most of the New Moon energy with 3 important questions to ask yourself. ​New moons always bring an opportunity for something new to enter our life. We are the creators of our experiences and when we co-create with Divine infinite source, we are in alignment and everything can come to creation […]