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5 lifestyle practices for the Blue Moon

Supermoons are indeed super powerful because they are brighter and closer to the Earth. This means that the light illuminating our inner shadows is shinning brighter.

These are the gifts of the full moon. Whatever frustrations, confusions or conflicts we experience in life, can be solved by going within and learning to release. Full moons are a time of cleansing, letting go and reflecting on how we can best create balance & harmony in our life.

This Blue moon gets Her name because it is rare, connected to the popular saying “Once in a blue moon”. This supermoon is in Pisces which sparks attention to our emotions.

Explore these 5 lifestyle practice for this beautiful Blue Moon.

Be near water

The moon is represented by the element of water. Powerful, strong and fluid, water has cleansing properties and wearing away the roughness. During full moon time, it can be insightful to be by the sea/ocean and swimming. If this is not accessible to you, taking a relaxing bath or shower also works. Take a few moments to close your eyes and feel the water clearing away all the negative energy from within. It works wonders when we connect with the element of water and honour her special powers.

Forgive and release

Forgiveness is one of the qualities of Anahata, the heart chakra. This is not an easy practice, because to forgive requires to open ourselves emotionally and practice acceptance. Sometimes we hold onto something that went “wrong”, continue to blame ourselves for doing something that was not done from our highest self or experience cold emotions for something unpleasant somebody said or did to us. But forgiveness is not to condone a behaviour, but rather to free ourselves from the experience that action brought. To experience a peaceful state, we must learn to forgive and understand that it cannot be undone, but we can free ourselves from it.

Some helpful ways to do so is by practicing affirmations, sitting still in meditation, writing a letter to ourselves or the person we are forgiving without necessarily giving it to them. We just want to release the emotion that came with the action.

Cleaning your home space

As full moons are all about cleansing, this applies also to our home. Cleaning can be so therapeutic especially if we declutter and get rid of some things as well. Our environment has a great impact on our emotional wellbeing, so get your cleaning gloves ready, and start cleaning. Put some music on and dance your way through it. Make it enjoyable, you are creating a loving, clean and safe space for yourself.


It’s no wonder many spiritual rituals related to the moon involve dancing. This is because dancing is about becoming fluid and free in our body. Like the element of water, moving freely, when we dance, we shift our internal energy. Dancing is also advised for balancing Swadisthana, the sacral chakra, which is the feminine energy centre representing our creativity, pleasure and sensuality.

Mantra/Japa practice

One of the most powerful yogic practices is japa, the repetition of mantras. These are syllables/words in Sankrit which carry a specific frequency and can help shift our energy. They also help us focus the mind and become more centred. Most mantras come with a meaning or they can just be a bija mantra, which is a syllable that has a specific vibration. A mantra you might already be familiar with is OM, which carries the vibration of union and infinity.