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5 things to avoid doing at night according to Ayurveda

Following an Ayurvedic based lifestyle is mainly about being in awareness and living according to nature’s cycles. Understanding the Tridoshic functional principle of Ayurveda, can help us to make better decisions when it comes to how we live life.

Here are 5 things to avoid doing at night according to Ayurveda:

Eating or snacking

Ayurveda advises to have dinner by 7pm the latest, which is around the beginning of Kapha time (6pm). During this period, the body starts to cool down and become more grounded and slow, in preparation for sleep. We also need to allow enough time for the body to digest the food properly, so that during the night, the agni (digestive fire) can focus on regenerating our cells so that we can wake up feeling well-rested and fresh.

Having a bath or shower

Also after 7pm, it is not advised to have a shower or bathe according to Ayurveda. Following what I mentioned above, this is now Kapha time. Two main qualities of Kapha dosha are cold and moist, so showering during this time will increase these Kapha qualities. With this can come sluggishness, feeling heavy, poor digestion and mucus formation.

Washing your hair

Following from my last point, Ayurveda advises to avoid washing your hair at night. As Kapha qualities increase, mucus and sliminess in the body also increases, as well as other factors. Over time, this can cause congestion, colds and with time this can weaken the immune system, which is represented by Kapha dosha.

Using artificial light

Following nature’s cycles means that as the sun sets, and it starts to get darker outside, it is time to rest. Past generations knew this, and slept in accordance to these principles. Sleep a couple of hours after sunset (around 10pm) and wake up at sunsrise. Too much artificial light may stimulate our brain and keep us awake. On most evenings, in my bedroom I prefer using candles instead of electricity. It helps me relax and does not aggravate my eyes. Putting away our phones and other tech devices when we get to bed may also improve our sleep.

The use of cosmetics

The night time is said to have lower absorption as the internal processes of the body are busy reseting and regenerating. This is what helps us to wake up feeling refreshed, feel good and energised. According to Ayurveda, the use of moisturisers, body oils and creme is not indicated at night. Due to the low absorption, with time these may cause clogged poor, excess heat and oily skin.