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Dec 17
The CCF tea of Ayurveda

Learn all about the CCF tea of Ayurveda, also referred to as the miracle tea of Ayurveda. Ayurveda gifts us with plenty of wisdom when it comes to maintaining a balanced state of overall well-being. One of my favourite aspects of it is the simplicity of the Ayurvedic lifestyle. Once we know our Prakruti (dosha/unique […]

Sep 22
Fitness for your Ayurveda dosha. Workout styles for each dosha

Fitness for your Ayurveda dosha. Find out the best suited physical exercise style for your Ayurvedic dosha. Physical exercise plays an important role in our lifestyle. Movement is not only about making the body stronger and more flexible, but also for clearing the mind. Ayurveda makes it easy for us to follow an exercise routine […]

Sep 01
5 things to avoid doing at night according to Ayurveda

Following an Ayurvedic based lifestyle is mainly about being in awareness and living according to nature’s cycles. Understanding the Tridoshic functional principle of Ayurveda, can help us to make better decisions when it comes to how we live life. Here are 5 things to avoid doing at night according to Ayurveda: Eating or snacking Ayurveda […]

Apr 24
Daily essential self-care Ayurvedic practices for overall well-being

Daily essential Ayurvedic practices to implement in your day for self-care and well-being. Our health should be our priority. Above anything, if we are not in good health, then we cannot function to our full potential and be joyful, calm and enjoy this life. Ayurveda’s definition of good health does not just limit to proper […]

Apr 10
What is burnout according to Ayurveda

What is burnout and how it develops according to Ayurveda. ​Our lifestyle choices greatly impact our overall wellness. In Ayurveda, when we mention body wellness, we also refer to mind too. There is always a need to create a harmonious balance between activity and rest, as well as a healthy balance between work and life’s […]

Mar 16
5 amazing benefits of rose petal tea

Learn more about the incredible benefits of rose petal tea. ​This is by far one of my favourite teas. I discovered this amazing tea over a decade ago, when I was studying Ayurveda and have been a fan ever since. Rose buds can also be used, they are essentially the same but rose buds are […]

Mar 11
Vegan coconut lentil curry with Ayurvedic spices

Enjoy a super easy to make vegan coconut lentil curry. A delicious and highly nutritious curry made with loads of Ayurvedic spices and protein filled lentils, served with Basmati rice.This is the perfect dinner recipe for a cozy night in, to kindle the agni (digestive fire) and soothe the digestive organs. All the spices used […]

Feb 04
What is the best time to wake up in the morning according to Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, we should wake up when nature wakes up, which is at sunrise. When it starts to become light outside, this is an indication that the day begins, so naturally we also start the day at this time. But there is a also specific time for those who are committed to their spiritual […]

Jan 28
4 morning Ayurvedic practices to boost overall wellness

Make your mornings extra special with these 4 morning Ayurvedic practices to boost overall wellness.Ayurveda provides us so much wisdom on living life in a balanced way, according to the cycles and flow of nature. The way we start our mornings has a big impact on our wellness and plays an important role for the […]

Jan 22
3 Ayurvedic principles when cooking food

Learn about the importance of cooking consciously with these 3 Ayurvedic principles when cooking food.​​Ayurvedic cooking focuses on making well balanced and nourishing meals for both the body and the mind. Ideally we would know our primary dosha (body constitution) so that we can understand what foods are most compatible and suitable for our body […]