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5 amazing benefits of rose petal tea

Learn more about the incredible benefits of rose petal tea.

​This is by far one of my favourite teas. I discovered this amazing tea over a decade ago, when I was studying Ayurveda and have been a fan ever since. Rose buds can also be used, they are essentially the same but rose buds are slightly more concentrated obviously so we can use less.

​In Ayurveda, this is a popular tea, particularly for those with Pita predominant dosha, although it is ok to use for all three doshas. Rose petals are also used as rose water for cleansing the face and even in different recipes, specifically for desserts due to their delicious aroma or for decadent decorations. So having this in your kitchen pantry is a versatile natural product which you can use for your skin, delicious treats and as a tea.

Here are 5 benefits that this tea may provide:

Rosebud tea

Known for its properties of giving the face skin a beautiful glow, this delicious tea contains antioxidants and Vitamin C, both being important factors for skin health and anti ageing.

It may also reduce inflammation which makes it a great choice for Pita predominant dosha individuals. Its cooling quality helps to reduce heat in the body without causing too much coldness.

Rose bud or rose petal tea is said to help balance out emotions and a nourishing tea to drink during monthly cycle. In my opinion, it is a wonderful tea to have when focusing on Anahata, the heart chakra or when working to develop more of the qualities of this energy centre, such as acceptance, love, openness, trust etc.

It may also help to support digestive functioning and soothe any discomfort in the stomach due to excess heat. Rose petal tea has a cooling property and it is also calming and it may help with stomach cramps or discomfort in this area.

This highly aromatic tea is so incredibly tasty and the rose petals provide it such a soft and elegant flavour. It is also not so common, so making a cup of it for yourself or somebody else can offer a unique and flavour-full experience.