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Dec 17
The CCF tea of Ayurveda

Learn all about the CCF tea of Ayurveda, also referred to as the miracle tea of…

Oct 28
Full moon cleansing yogic practices

Full moon cleansing yogic practices

Sep 22
Fitness for your Ayurveda dosha. Workout styles for each dosha

Fitness for your Ayurveda dosha. Find out the best suited physical exercise style for…

Sep 01
5 things to avoid doing at night according to Ayurveda

Following an Ayurvedic based lifestyle is mainly about being in awareness and living…

Aug 30
5 lifestyle practices for the Blue Moon

Supermoons are indeed super powerful because they are brighter and closer to the…

May 07
15 lessons of life to realise and start living by

Get inspired to live the life you love with these 15 lessons of life to realise and…

May 04
30 days of journaling for self-discovery and living joyfully

Take the next 30 days to work on yourself and practice self-care. Get inspired with…

Apr 24
Daily essential self-care Ayurvedic practices for overall well-being

Daily essential Ayurvedic practices to implement in your day for self-care and…

Apr 20
Affirmations for new moon day transformation

Embrace the NEW with these powerful affirmations for new moon day transformation.…

Apr 10
What is burnout according to Ayurveda

What is burnout and how it develops according to Ayurveda. ​Our lifestyle choices…