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Affirmations for new moon day transformation

Embrace the NEW with these powerful affirmations for new moon day transformation.

​Hello new moon! This is one of my favourite lunar phases, because the queen of the sky shines her light bright on all new aspects we want to manifest. The moon represents creativity and fluidity, guiding us to trust and flow freely with the currents of life. And so it’s important during this time to remain open to all that life brings.

Today is a good day to spend some time on journaling, reflecting or even creating a moon board about how you envision your life to be. There are no limits when it comes to creativity, it is the essence of our imagination, something that is beyond the intellect and ego. So let yourself DREAM BIG and invite in all that you want to experience and how you want to live.

Here are some affirmations to empower you during this beautiful time of renewal and transformation:

“Today and always, I choose to be brave. I welcome in all the new that comes my way”.

Living with an open heart and complete trust in life requires us to be brave. Sometimes it means taking some tough decisions, other times it’s about taking a pause and finding our balance. But when we choose to be brave and welcome in all the new life brings, then we are open to explore life with an open mind.

“I have everything I need to create the life I want to live. I believe in myself and trust in Divine timing”.

Having self-belief and knowing our skills, talents and abilities is essential. Only when we choose to do so, we can start to apply these. There is always a time of fermentation/processing and so we must learn to trust in the right time, in Divine time all falls into place.

“I am the creator of my experiences. The life I want to live is always available for me”.

Taking accountability for our life and all we choose to experience is a key aspect of any person living in joy. We are an essence of infinite energy coated in a human body. Everything is possible when we use our mind wisely.

“Everyday I wake up and choose to feel gratitude and peace in my heart”.

Acknowledging what we have in the present moment takes us into a high vibration of gratitude and wholeness. It means living from a space of abundance and not lack. Focus on all you have, however small or big, they are little blessings.