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15 lessons of life to realise and start living by

Get inspired to live the life you love with these 15 lessons of life to realise and start living by.

Life is a rhythm of highs and lows, movement and pause. Every new day presents us with different lessons that we can choose to learn from, to grow and to evolve. Sometimes we take life so seriously, yet we know that at some point this physical journey will come to an end. Therefore, we can focus on creating a life of meaning, in which we find joy and contentment for whatever we have. And the only reality of this physical life is the present moment. The past has already been and it is now only a memory. The future is not yet here and we don’t even know if it will come. So it is wise to live in the here and now.

Throughout my life so far, I have come to realise many little treasures that have given me insights into how to best navigate in my life. When I lose track of the moment, and go back in time, I realise that things I once found unpleasant were actually little blessings. Yet in that time, I was not able to see the bigger picture. And this is always the conundrum we face.

​The mind is bound by time and space, so it cannot know what exactly is the greater purpose and significance of life’s events. Sure we can use our imagination, but this Vikalpa (as we call it in yoga philosophy) is influenced often by our thoughts, desires and emotions. And unless we are extremely intuitive, it will be very difficult to understand why things happen or the reason for meeting certain people.

Believe in yourself

These 15 little lessons come with great importance.

  1. ​Not everybody will be glad to see you happy. It is not necessarily from a bad intention, it is because they have not yet found their own happiness.
  2. ​When you stop forcing, you become open. Doors start to open, inspiration comes, life becomes more peaceful and calm.
  3. Our life purpose is not the same as our career/work. These are ways through which we serve parts of our mission, yet its meaning is more profound and always for the greater good of all.
  4. We are never alone. There is always somebody out there waiting to meet you. We have come here to connect with one another and to learn the lessons of life together.
  5. Technology is a blessing but only when used wisely, for its purpose. When we step into the world, open to connect with others, on a physical level, there are so many beautiful experiences that come.
  6. Happiness is not something we need to seek. It is already part of our being, a state we can choose to be in.
  7. Suffering and sadness too have a purpose and when approached with love and acceptance, they ultimately help us grow, evolve and become better, more compassionate humans.
  8. Focus on looking after yourself and your overall wellbeing. If we are healthy and glowing from within, we have more time to explore this beautiful journey.
  9. What others think of you is irrelevant. Opinions are based on everybody’s internal state. This is different for all, therefore pay no attention.
  10. Live everyday in gratitude. Whatever you have, is enough. Then you are living in abundance.
  11. Focus more on your intention, not on goal setting. Intention is the WHY whilst the latter is the WHAT. The first is the reason the goal comes to fruition therefore it has the greatest significance.
  12. Maybe you wont have many supporters, but the ones you have, make sure you appreciate them.
  13. If we learn to surrender and trust, somehow the flow of life surprises us in the most wonderful way. Be open to discomfort and change.
  14. Living a simple life, brings clarity and peace of mind. We don’t actually need as much as we think we do.
  15. Be yourself no matter what anybody else says. Accept and work on yourself, sit with yourself and make peace with all that you are. The Universe makes no fault in creation, and we are all unique and exactly how we are meant to be.