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30 days of journaling for self-discovery and living joyfully

Take the next 30 days to work on yourself and practice self-care. Get inspired with these journaling prompts to live more joyfully, explore your creativity and self-discovery.

May is also said to be Mental health awareness month, to bring awareness for mental wellbeing, helpful resources and support. I think most of us have encountered challenging times in our life. And it’s important to be compassionate towards one another, to help where, when and however we can and support each other on this life journey.

Personally, I have always found writing to be one of the best ways not only to express myself but to declutter my mind and create more harmony and a sense of calmness. When we write our thoughts and feelings down, we are releasing them from our subconscious mind. With time and repetition, we can empty the mind from some self-limiting beliefs or anything that does not serve our journey of life, to help us feel empowered and clear.

Practice gratitude

Gratitude is also extremely important because it focuses the mind on what we feel blessed for, on the wonderful aspects of our life even if they are small. Sometimes we don’t realise that even the simplest aspects like waking up in a warm bed, or having hot water to shower, or having our basic needs met, or making a new friend/having a pet, being given a compliment, or doing what we love etc is enough to feel grateful for. Because we get used to these and somehow we minimise their importance. But everything we have is a blessing from life. So it is important to live with a grateful attitude. This can be a daily habit to start practicing, in the morning and evening, or at any time of the day.

​We often look at others’ lives wishing we had what they have, or think that if we had something specific in our life then we would be happier. Whilst external things, wealth, status etc can bring instant happiness, it is often momentary and it fades quickly because the mind begins to desire something new. But learning to be content with what we have now and for this body and mind we are in, as it is, we can learn to accept and enjoy life a little bit more.

Use your imagination

Another reason why journaling can be powerful is that we can use our imagination to create anything we want. And if we write it down, we can read it and the more we do so, the more we start to feel it. Our whole life is a story and we are the main character in it, as well as the co-director or the script together with the Infinite Divine source. We can mould, shape and choose our experiences based on taking how we view the world and how we take action to make the most of this storyline we have been inspired to be part of. So journalist can help us realise it and also create it. Words have such a profound frequency, as well as thoughts do. Together, combined, we can make anything happen.

For this May, I have created this 30 days of Journaling for self-discovery and living joyfully journaling prompts which will hopefully give you some guidance and inspiration to find peace of mind, self-belief and to empower you to live joyfully. All is needed is to write one page a day, everyday for this May on the topics mentioned. Feel free to skip a topic, revisit it or repeat it if you feel inspired to write more.

30 days journaling challenge

Be well, love and look after yourself. You are unique, beautiful and a vibrant soul and your contribution is needed in the world.