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6 Yoga asanas to practice in a restorative and gentle way

Discover 6 yoga asanas that can be practiced in a restorative way to bring calm and tranquility to the body and mind.

Our practice is like a daily anchor of life. We step on the mat and we know it will be a journey in which we are supported, safe and never judged. At least this is how it should be. We must always step on the mat in a humble way, giving the ego a break and not allow it to come along. There is no space for it in our practice. As I always tell my students, have no expectations and forget about yesterday’s practice. Show up everyday with an open and willing mental attitude, ready to learn, evolve and grow.

I believe one of the greatest aspects of a restorative practice is that it teaches us to become humble and to soften. When we practice in a more gentle way, we somehow have to surrender and realise there is nothing to prove. Strength shows up in a different; in our ability to be present and to melt the body gently into the bolster without having to create extra heat in the body or any sense of achievement. We simply let our limbs heavy on the mat and in a physically effortless state, we witness. We are just observers of the physical self in the present moment, steady, calm and gentle. We learn that in stillness, a lot goes on of we observe it all with patience. This is why in my opinion, a weekly restorative practice is much needed and beneficial for all.

Here are 6 amazing asanas which can be practiced in a restorative way to teach us that there is power in silence and softness.