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Nov 12
Spotlight on Chaturanga Dandasana

Spotlight on Chaturanga Dandasana

Sep 20
What is Vinyasa yoga?

Understanding Vinyasa yoga. Discover the meaning, beauty and power of a Vinyasa style…

May 11
6 Yoga asanas to practice in a restorative and gentle way

Discover 6 yoga asanas that can be practiced in a restorative way to bring calm and…

Apr 25
How to practice Hanumanasana with variations

How to practice Hanumanasana and different variations of the posture. Hanumanasana…

Apr 19
How to practice Utthan Pristhasana-lizard pose with variations

Learn all about Utthan Pristhasana with different variations and alignment tips.…

Apr 15
How to practice Bhujangasana cobra pose with variations

How to practice Buujangasana cobra pose in yoga with different variations to try.…

Apr 15
6 yoga asanas for lumbar lordosis

Learn about 6 yoga asanas that may help with lumbar lordosis. ​Lumbar lordosis is an…

Apr 09
Focus on the shoulders and chest asana practice

An asana sequence to focus on the shoulders and chest and release tension from these…

Apr 07
Understanding Prasarita Padottanasana with variations A, B, C & D

Learn more about Prasarita Padottanasana with the variations A, B, C & D.…

Mar 20
8 yoga asana variations using the chair

Yoga asanas variations using the chair .​Using the chair as a prop for our practice…