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8 yoga asana variations using the chair

Yoga asanas variations using the chair .

Using the chair as a prop for our practice can be super useful. The chair is often used and part of the Iyengar practice style, which always focuses on alignment and steadiness in an asana. This is actually what asana practice is about, finding our steadiness of posture and mind, and steady, regular breathing. Then we can remain focused, present, strong and flexible.
When the chair is used, it can provide support in developing strength of the muscles and helping with flexibility range of movement.

It can be a therapeutic way of approaching our practice, both physically and mentally. Having the support of the chair means we have something to lean on and this can open our hearts to receive support and help both on the mat and in life. It can also help us create more stability in an asana whilst maintaining the correct alignment.

These can be particularly helpful if you have an office job and you sit at a desk for long periods of time. Practicing the modifications using the chair can help to improve blood circulation, release tension & stiffness from sitting down and uplift the mood/energise the mind.

Always make sure that the chair is steady and does not have wheels. A blanket can be used to provide some cushioning for the body. Remember to focus on the breath because it is the fuel of our physical existence. When we focus on the breath, the body becomes more steady because the mind becomes more calm and focused.

These asanas focus on opening the shoulders, chest and side of the body. Using the chair can help us in opening these areas deeper with support and patience.

*If you are pregnant, have any injuries, past/recent surgery, check with your GP first.

Parsva balasana chair variation
Ardha matsyendrasana chair variation
Ashta Chandrasana chair variation
Uttana shishosana chair variation
Parighasana chair variation
Bhujangasana chair variation
Adho Mukha Svanasana chair variation
Ustrasana chair variation