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Full moon cleansing yogic practices

Make the most of this full moon lunar eclipse with these full moon cleansing yogic practices.

This full moon comes with a final lunar eclipse of the year, conveniently coming to us just as we get ready to wrap up this 2023 adventure. The full moon period is always powerful and profound, and this one teaches us to look within and figure out where do we really want to be in our life journey.

Change is not always easy, but it is constant and necessary. We are here to learn and to evolve, and this cannot be done if we always choose comfort over growth. The energy of the full moon brings us an opportunity for cleansing and clearing away anything that has been standing in our way. Whether this is a particular circumstance or a self-limiting belief, we can and have the power to move on. 

Here are some full moon practice to help clear away unnecessary and old stagnant energy that is no longer serving. When we are free of anything limiting that we hold onto, our journey of life is clear and we can navigate with ease.

Full moon cleansing yogic practices Japa meditation

Japa meditation

Reciting a mantra is a beautiful yogic meditation technique which helps us to focus the mind. As mantra can work on the vibration of sound, it is also a powerful practice to clear blockages in Vishudi (throat chakra) which is the window to spirituality and peace. Vishudi can translate as purification of poison/toxins. If you have a particular mantra you always recite you can use that, or choose one that resonates with you in the present moment. We can always keep it simple and revert to “OM” which is the connection of physical with the infinite. Japa is done by using mala beads, a beautiful garland of 108 beads which helps us keep track of our Japa. Mantra is done for purifying the mind and learning stillness in the body.


The first concept of the Nyamas (personal behaviours in the Eight limbs of yoga) is purification. Saucca is the practice of cleanliness. The element of water is detoxifying and washes away all that we choose to release. So having a bath or longer shower with the intention to let go and clean the body and mind can be refreshing and freeing. I love to add salt to my baths (sea salt, Epsom or Himalayan salt) for relaxing the muscles which also can work on the subtle body, to clear away energy blockages. If you don’t have a bath tub, you can add some Eucalyptus essential oil drops to your shower floor, just where the water falls. This will soon spread the scent of the essential oil through the steam and it can help to clear the mind and the sinuses also. 

Saucca can also refer to cleanliness of our physical space/home. The state of our home can influence and reflect our mood. So cleaning and de-cluttering is a great way to practice purification. There is nothing better than a clean and cozy home. No matter the size of it, or what happens outside, if you feel comfortable and safe in your home space, mind will be more at peace.

Full moon cleansing yogic practices letting go ritual

Letting go ritual

Journaling can be a wonderful mental clearing technique. Writing down our thoughts, emotions and self-limiting beliefs, can help to bring them to the surface, therefore to acknowledge them. Perhaps this is the hardest part of journaling. That we have to actually admit to ourselves what is going on inside. But let’s not linger with them too long, releasing them on paper is enough to release them out of our subconscious. If the intention is clear, the practice will be effective.

Once we have done so, we can burn the papers or simply start to break the paper into small pieces, this is the practice of letting them go. For the burning, I usually use a big ceramic plant pot, to ensure safety and that the fire is contained within the pot. It will only be a small flame, but enough to burn away all that needs to go. The fire element is strong, sharp and it melts away all that we choose to release.


And finally, let’s revert back to the seed of our purpose. What is your intention for today and everyday in this life? What are you here for, cultivating, growing and sharing with the world? Our intention is extremely important. It is the guidance and compass of our every thought, action and word we speak if we are clear about it.

In Sanskrit, the word Sankalpa which we refer to as intention, also means a resolute. A commitment you make to take in this lifetime. Maybe you are not clear of your purpose/life mission yet, but through mindfulness, we come to understand. Divine inspiration is always within, guiding us gently. We just need to be silent, away from distractions and focus within. Answers will come eventually.