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3 important questions to ask yourself on new moon days

How to make the most of the New Moon energy with 3 important questions to ask yourself.

​New moons always bring an opportunity for something new to enter our life. We are the creators of our experiences and when we co-create with Divine infinite source, we are in alignment and everything can come to creation in its own time.

For this to happen, we need to know ourselves. To understand that within each one of us, at our core, this light of energy and endless vibration is always there. This is why meditation is a strong practice to understand this, because it requires us to work with the mind and eventually quieten it, realising we, as this essence are the witness of the mind but not the mind itself.

To start something new is not always easy, and I say this often, but life is not meant to be easy. It is karma, a form of action we are constantly involved with in the physical action of being and doing. Self-development is in my opinion the most important aspect of our existence, to continue to evolve and grow so that we can live joyfully and to our full potential.

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Here are some important questions to ask yourself which when done with focus, can lead to great insights. Contemplating on these can lead to profound realisations.

Who are you when nobody is watching?

In this life we wear many different masks. Every encounter we have, brings out a different side to our endlessly changing persona. At work we wear a mask, in our social friendships we wear a different one/behave a little different, in our romantic relationship again we wear another mask. This does not mean we are fake, the character is always there but each situation prompts us to put out different qualities.

For example, at work we might be more strict and strategic, but with our friends we might be more relaxed and open. And in our romantic relationship, we might be more affectionate and nurturing and so on; in some situations we might need to be brave and strong, and in others more gentle and soft.

But one question I always ask myself and also share with my students “Who are you when nobody is watching?”. This reveals a lot about our character. What kind of behaviours and activities do you engage in when alone? What kind of thoughts do you have? How do you act in your own company? Because in this instance, ego has nothing to prove, nobody to impress. This is the root of our physical life character. From here, we can understand a lot and see what we need to change if it doesn’t serve us for our highest good.

What activities/work makes you feel relaxed, present and joyful?

The most important reason (in my opinion) that hobbies are so useful is that they help us understand what we truly enjoy doing. Usually, what we are drawn to for a hobby, is what brings out the unique skills and abilities we have been given in this physical life. They bring out this inner sparkle of joy and keep us in the present moment.

With hobbies, there is no financial pressure, no hustling or climbing up the career ladder, no goal to achieve. We do them because they feel good and we want to do so. In my opinion, these are a great indication for our life mission and soul purpose in this world. Try to look as far back as you can, even in your childhood days and see what did you enjoy doing then? For example, as far back as I can remember I loved writing. I was 7 years old when I wrote my first book, a little book of positive sayings which I gifted my mum for her birthday. I didn’t know then where inspiration for such wise words came from because I was only a child, but later on I understood this was part of my Divine essence. It was the language of my soul.

So look back and again start from the root. Start from the moments when life did not feel like a race course that you needed to battle through or to accomplish anything. And from there, work your way to where you are now.

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If from today you were told you can do one work only to serve the world with and it would bring you abundance, what would it be?

I believe that we can serve our soul’s mission in many different ways. There is not just one career path we take, there are plenty of tools and options available to us. For example, a mission could be to bring others joy. This can be done by being a healer, or a comedian, or a parent etc.

​The career we choose is just a way to serve the mission, but it is not the only way. We can always reinvent ourselves. But setting aside all the pressures of life that come with work (eg financial or status) what would you be doing for the rest of your life if you were given this option? This will help you understand what you love doing which is usually (not always) but usually what we would be good at and very much related to the Divine infinite source inspiration we receive.

Working on ourselves is a never ending journey, because our physical existence is constantly changing. So we need to put in the work to realise how we can best navigate this game of life. For this new moon’s opportunities to be seen and felt, it’s important (in my opinion) to go within, reflect and really understand what we want to attract.