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14 ways to boost positive energy in your life

We can always choose to be happy and feel good. Both of these can take some effort but if we pay attention to our daily habits and the way we think, we can identify what helps us to feel at our best and what drains our energy. Each one of us has positive and negative energy, this is just the balance of life. But we can choose which we want to nurture more, therefore living in positive energy is also a choice.

When we start to focus on solutions, rather than problems; adjust the way we perceive the world; get to know ourselves and be authentic; focusing on our wellbeing and start listening to our intuition, then we can shift our energy also.

Here are 14 practical ways to boost positive energy in your life:

​In yoga philosophy, we learn about prana. This is the vital essence, the life force in the subtle body that gives vitality to our physical existence. The breath is the driver of the prana, so the more we focus on correct breathing, the more we expand the prana. We can practice counting breathing, inhalation for 4, exhalation for 6-8. Pranayama is the control and expansion of prana, therefore we can increase the flow of prana through these breathing exercises. Some really powerful ones are Kapalabhati/the fire breath, Bhastrika/bellows breath, Nadi Shodhana/alternate nostril breathing.

​The best source of prana and pure energy is (in my opinion) found in nature. The fresh air, the warmth of the sun, a refreshing dip in the sea, a grounding barefoot walk on the grass, even the touch of rain drops on our skin. All of this is nature in its purest form. The more time we can spend outdoors, the more joyful we become because eventually we align ourselves with all the good energy nature has to give. Sometimes all we need is a breath of fresh air to heal our wounds and bring clarity to our overthinking mind.

​This is one of my favourite ways to zone out and chill. Hobbies are so important because they are a beautiful way to connect with our creativity, focus the mind and be present in the moment. When we do what we love not as a career, but as something purely for the joy of it, this instantly boosts our energy and fills us with positive, vibrant energy. Hobbies are also a good indication on what we are good at/our unique talents, skills and abilities and the more we focus on these, the clearer we will become with our soul mission on this earth.

Wholesome food

I definitely had to include this because food can be medicine for our physical existence. Food that comes directly from the nature (usually vegetarian) also has prana and what we eat, impacts not only our physical wellbeing but also mental and emotional wellness. We can choose to focus on our eating habits and what we consume. We can try as much as we can to take organic food and cook our own meals. The cooking process itself is part of the whole digestive process. The way we treat the food when we cook, may affect the way we digest it. So choose wholesome foods, cook with love and nurture yourself through the gifts of nature. 

​To keep positive energy, we need a focused, steady and clear mind. Meditation is the practice of intense, uninterrupted focus on an object. The more steady the mind becomes, the stronger it is. This can help us in changing our thought patterns, develop patience, stillness and making better decisions. Meditation doesn’t always have to be done in a seated position with the eyes closed, although this would help. It can also be walking meditation, when you focus on each step you take, slowly and with concentration. It can also be eating meditation, where all senses are engaged only with the food. It can also be gazing at an external object, trying not to blink, which is called Trataka. As long as there is complete focus of the mind on and ideally steadiness of the body, this mean we are focused in the present moment. Being in this awareness is powerful and can create a lot of positive changes in our life.

​Keeping hydrated is a much needed daily habit to ensure proper functioning of our body and mind. Water itself is a source of prana (natural water) and it helps to regulate body temperature and provide lubrication in the body, amongst many other important benefits. We can start the day with a glass of water to hydrate the body and bring clarity to the mind and throughout the day, continue to keep the body and mind hydrated to keep overall wellness and energy levels.

​Believe it or not, simply by taking a shower we can shift our energy levels. The element of water represents fluidity and movement which helps to energise the body and mind. It is also cleansing, so anytime the mind is overcrowded with thoughts, or the body feels stagnant, take a shower (room temperature water) and enjoy the sensation of water on your skin.

​Karma yoga is the path of selfless action, meaning we do for the sakes of being of service and not to gain anything out of it for ourselves. This can be in the form of volunteering at a homeless shelter or an animal shelter or anywhere else where help is needed for the greater good; donating some clothes or things to a local donations shop; making a delicious meal for somebody or even giving a small gift to somebody. All of these help us to put the ego aside and contribute to the joy of others, which is so important and humbling. And when we open our heart to do so, it becomes full of love and pure energy.

Gratitude journal

​If there is one thing I suggest to everyone to do is daily gratitude. I know we hear about it everywhere, but there is really not enough thank you’s we can say everyday. If we start living in gratitude it means that we are living from a place of abundance and fullness, not lack. We are open to all the wonderful aspects of life and even the smallest, simplest thing is something to be grateful for. Live in gratitude and it will transform your whole attitude.

​Daily movement is so important and much needed. Our bodies are made to move and be active in this life. Not only it keeps us strong, flexible and healthy in the body but also in the mind. Whether you enjoy the gym, running, skipping, Pilates etc or simply going for a walk outdoors, take the time to move a little bit everyday. This will release all those happy, feel good chemicals in the brain, increase sweat (which is needed to remove toxins from the body), helps with proper digestion and boosts mental functioning too. This is definitely all the good energy we need.

​Our furry friends are full of joy and love. One of the ways we can learn to activate Anahata (the heart chakra) and develop feelings of acceptance and joy is by spending time with animals. They are simple in their ways and non-judgemental. An animal doesn’t care if we are rich or poor, what we look like or what we do for a living. All they know is how we act around them and to give us love. If you don’t have pets, volunteering at an animal shelter is a great way to do some karma yoga and to be around animals. Even visiting a pet shop is enough to come in contact with them and spend some time around animals. 

​Our home space is perhaps one of the most important places in our life. The way we maintain our home reflects our inner state. Our homes should ideally be a safe place for us to feel cozy, calm and joyful. Focusing on de-cluttering the space and keeping everything simple, tidy and clean, gives us the space to have mental clarity. Burning incense stick, beautiful scented candles or palo santo/sage can also provide a relaxing and cleansing experience overall. Especially the latter two, which have been used for hundreds of years by healers to remove any negative energy and promote more peace.

​Getting a full body massage or doing a self-massage is a great way to loosen toxins from the body and mind. It also helps us to relax, calm the mind and nourish the skin. In Ayurveda, this is a daily habit for maintaining wellness which is called Self-Abhyanga. It can be done in the morning, for 10 minutes or so by doing an application of warm oil on the body and also application of oil (not heated) on the head and face. Of course if there is the chance to get a monthly massage this is a beautiful way to treat ourselves and also improve self-esteem by gifting ourselves with a pampering experience.

​Our nature as human beings is social connection. We are here to interact with one another, to connect and help one another evolve in some way. Choose wisely who you spend your energy and time with. Even just by having a short conversation with a loved one, a colleague, a mentor or even a stranger can boost our energy levels by creating a sense of connection and belonging. Not all people are a joy to be around, but if we can learn to focus on being present, grateful for every connection and recognise the ones that create a positive experience in our life, we can choose to devote our time on these. Spending time alone is also important, but it is equally as important to be involved and present in the world, to connect and be open to share life with others.