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Practices and affirmations for the April full moon in Libra

Practices and affirmations for the April full moon in Libra. Welcome the full moon with love and joy.

​The full moon is almost here and those who are sensitive to energy can probably already feel it. Full moons are definitely a time when resistance and tension of any kind can be experienced. Not only because the Sun and Moon oppose one another, but because full moons bring light to different aspects of life. Some we don’t want to be reminded of, some we forgot about and others we never even noticed.

​The moon represents the element of water and this is known as a cleansing period. So it’s a good idea to tidy around the house and get rid of some things we no longer need or use, as well as creating more space around the home. When our home environment is spacious and free of too many objects, this creates a beautiful clear and light atmosphere.

Full moons are also a time to do some emotional cleansing. This could be through affirmations, journaling, or specific moon rituals. We can reflect on what emotions and feelings are holding us back/stuck in the past. What is keeping us from living life with joy and clarity. We can accept and sit with these by taking the time to be in stillness and practice meditation to truly understand what is going on inside and gain some clarity of mind.

The energy of Libra also comes (in my opinion) with two main energies. One is about uncertainty and the other is about social connections. Uncertainty comes with doubt and often with fear also. To truly let go of these, we can go within and discover the root of their cause, why are they there, what is it that we are doubtful/fearful of. Maybe there are some habits that are no longer supporting us or limiting beliefs that we can make peace with and let go.
Maybe there are some relationships we need to nurture more, and perhaps some that we just need to walk away from. Forgiveness is part of our journey and I know it doesn’t come easily. But if we can open our heart to live in harmony and choose to be joyful, forgiveness will come with acceptance and compassion.

Anytime we need to release anything, we must first make peace with it. Resistance will create more confusion and dependency on it, so first we can reflect, understand and learn to accept a situation/person/aspect of our life as it is then we can set it free so we can feel free, more calm, joyful and at peace.

Yoga practice

Some practices we can focus on during this full moon:
Walking barefoot at the sea/ocean to connect with the element of water
Clean and declutter the home
Deep cleanse of the body (exfoliation, wash the hair, enjoy a long bath or shower)
Japa (chanting meditation using the mala beads)
Cleansing the body and mind internally (eat light, warming, easily digestible foods and take rest)
Forgiveness and acceptance

Here are 3 affirmations that might be useful to support us during this full moon:

1. I embrace uncertainty with trust and mental clarity. I choose to be open to the flow of life, knowing that all happens as it should in Divine time.

2. I choose to release all that is no longer supporting me on my life journey. I accept without regret, and I am open to forgive and move on in peace.

3. I nurture my social connections and relationships with love and loyalty. I choose to focus on those who are truthful and I am grateful for their presence in my life.