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Tag: Yoga Philosophy

Apr 04
Practices and affirmations for the April full moon in Libra

Practices and affirmations for the April full moon in Libra. Welcome the full moon with love and joy. ​The full moon is almost here and those who are sensitive to energy can probably already feel it. Full moons are definitely a time when resistance and tension of any kind can be experienced. Not only because […]

Mar 31
Intuition VS Ego. How to understand the guidance from within

Understanding intuition vs ego. How to know the guidance from within. ​One question I often get asked by my students when I teach yoga philosophy is how can we tell if the inner guidance we receive is intuitive or from the ego. I’m sure most of us have received intuitive nudges at times, actually we […]

Mar 21
Developing compassion according to yoga philosophy

How to develop compassion according to yoga philosophy.  Socrates once wrote that “The people who are the hardest to love, need it the most”. At times, when we come across a person who is more “difficult to interact” with, there is judgement created. Often people who seem the toughest on the outside, are indeed the ones who […]

Mar 05
Practicing Satya in daily life. A look at living in truthfulness according to the Yoga Philosophy

Explore the meaning of Satya and living in truthfulness according to Yoga Philosophy. In the Ashtanga eightfold path/8 limbs of yoga by Patanjali, the second of the Yamas (social behavioural conduct) is Satya, truthfulness.​Satya is a Sankrit word which can be linked with the meaning of truthfulness. Following the first of the yamas which is […]

Mar 02
The 3 states of Chitta. Understanding the mind stuff according to the yoga philosophy

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali provides clear information on what yoga is and its practices. As one of the most popular texts for yoga teachers and yogi aspirants who want to reach self-realisation, the Yoga Sutras is comprised in 4 different sections, each one offering information on the different levels and ways of practice, explaining […]

Feb 04
What is the best time to wake up in the morning according to Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, we should wake up when nature wakes up, which is at sunrise. When it starts to become light outside, this is an indication that the day begins, so naturally we also start the day at this time. But there is a also specific time for those who are committed to their spiritual […]

Jan 23
5 Important aspects to support your asana practice

Learn about these 5 important aspects to support your asana practice. On our mat, we encounter pleasant experiences as well as challenges. Both are needed because (in my opinion) although our practice starts on the mat, to fully transform it into a lifestyle, we must learn to take its teachings in our daily life. And […]

Nov 12
What is Santosha in Yoga Philosophy and how can we practice it in life?

In Raja yoga, the 8 limbs of yoga are the steps Sri Patanjali suggests to take for those longing for Moksha/liberation from the ego and attachment to the physical self. The second limb, known as the Nyamas refers to the personal behaviours that we should practice according to Patanjali on the spiritual yogic path.  The 5 Nyamas […]

Oct 25
3 Important aspects to consider when practicing backbend asanas

Learn about the 3 important aspects to consider when practicing backbend asanas. Back-bending asanas can definitely look beautiful, but they require a lot of hard work. It’s important to take in consideration that every physical body has its own natural abilities & limitations. Some people are naturally more flexible than others. They might be able to almost […]

Oct 19
The 6 qualities for success in Yoga Part 2

Part 2 blog series of the 6 qualities for success in yoga as described in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. In the last post I introduced the first three qualities for success in Yoga. To emphasise again on the word “success”, it is not necessarily used to describe an achievement or outcome, but its meaning can symbolise one […]