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6 DIY at home Ayurveda inspired skin and hair treatments

Ayurveda is the beautiful life science that teaches us to live our life in accordance to the cycles of nature. Nature is our home in this physical world and its treasures may serve us for healing, medicine and nourishment. In Ayurveda, there is a big focus on the use of herbs used for cooking to enhance or change the quality of a food to balance the dosha of a person. For example, we can add warming herbs/spices to a cooling dish to make the food more warming to support agni/the digestive fire. We can also add cooling herbs/spices to a warm quality food to make it more cooling. They are also used for medicinal purposes in different types of Ayurvedic body and wellness treatments. Wholesome foods like fruits, vegetables and different plants can be used in a variety of ways for overall wellness, whether it is in cooking, Ayurvedic medicinal treatments and even beauty treatments.

Here are 6 beautiful DIY which you can do yourself at home Ayurvedic inspired treatments for skin and hair wellness.

Amla hair mask
Amla or Indian gooseberry is known as the powerful fruit of Ayurveda. Amla powder has a great reputation as a hair treatment. From my personal experience, I love it and I can see great results. My hair grows faster and it is much stronger. The only aspect to be aware of is that if you are blonde, it can slightly alter the shade of the blondness because it is a dark powder. Mix 1-2 teaspoons (depending how much hair you have) of Amla powder with liquid coconut oil (any other cold-pressed oil is ok too) after washing and conditioning your hair. Towel dry the hair and apply the mask all over. Leave for 20-30mins then wash the hair again.

Aloe Vera face mask
Aloe Vera is used in Ayurveda for its cooling and soothing properties. It can help with Pita aggravation (too much heat), therefore it is useful for skin conditions such as acne, rashes, burns or any condition of the skin that shows too much heat. Aloe Vera also has cleansing and anti-bacterial properties so it helps to also cleanse the skin. To use it, wash the face well with cool water and a natural face wash, dry and then apply the gel from the plant directly on the skin. Usually I leave mine on for 1-2 hours then I wash it off.

Aloe vera face mask

Rose water facial cleanse
This beautiful natural skin beauty treatment is known all over the world and frequently used in Ayurveda. Rose water is used for cleansing and nourishing the skin, particularly the face. I use dried rose petals (which I buy to also make tea) to make a jar for this. In a glass jar, I add 1-2teaspoons of dried rose petals then add boiling water. Only use once it has cooled off, in Ayurveda it is said not to apply heat to the face. Soak a cotton ball in this water then apply to the skin, rubbing gently. I apply this several times in the day to refresh, cool and cleanse my skin.

Cucumber facial cleanser
Another cooling treatment is to rub the face skin gently with cucumber slices. Another one of nature’s treasures, cucumber is mainly water so it helps to hydrate and cool the skin. After a facial wash, gently rubbing the cucumber slices on the skin, there will be an instant cooling sensation and the skin becomes more hydrated due to the water content. I wouldn’t advise this for those who have Vata aggravated skin, which means dry and flakey. Cucumber slices can also be applied on the eyes as a treatment to reduce puffiness. Leave for 10-15minutes on the eye lids and the area below the eyes.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil hair treatment
In Ayurveda, we use two main oils as the bases for treatments (although for household use, any cold pressed, natural oil one has can be used). One is coconut oil (which is cooling) and the other is sesame oil (which is warming). Coconut oil comes with many benefits, including nourishment for skin and hair, antibacterial properties (which is why it is also used as a mouthwash) and it also gives the hair a beautiful shine. With a cotton ball, apply the liquid oil directly on the scalp and then all over the hair. Leave for one or a few hours then wash the hair.

DIY exfoliator

DIY body exfoliator
Although this is more of an aromatherapy treatment because of the use of essential oil, the main ingredient is coconut oil which is a base Ayurvedic oil so I thought to include it on the list. I use this once or twice a week with my exfoliator glove and my body feels, smells and the skin looks amazing. Palmarosa is a tropical grass from India, similar to lemongrass, but with a strong rose like scent. As an essential oil it comes with so many great benefits for the skin, the muscles and the mind. It may help to relieve muscle soreness, physical and mental fatigue. With its deep cleansing quality, it might also be helpful when treating some skin conditions which may be suitable for Pitta dosha individuals also.