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4 Powerful affirmations for body love and self-care

4 powerful affirmations for body love and self-care.

Our body is the physical shelter of our soul and the vehicle that helps us navigate in this physical world. If we understood just how amazing it is and the functions it has, we could truly learn to appreciate and honour it. Comparing our body to that of others’ is useless and unrealistic. What we have has been gifted to us exactly the way it is. If we learn to care for this body, nourish it with wholesome foods, resting it enough, doing physical movement/exercise and pampering it from time to time, we will create a beautiful connection to it. No matter what colour, size or shape it is, the physical body is powerful, strong and flexible. We just need to start enjoying it, to be grateful for how it is and how blessed we are to have a body to experience this life in.

Here are 4 powerful affirmations to use for connecting with the physical body and starting to develop love and appreciation for it:

I love and accept this body I am in, just as it is.

The Divine source/universe makes no fault in creation and the body we have been given, is exactly how it’s meant to be. It is said that the soul chose the body it wants to take it through this lifetime. Whether this is true or not, depends on our personal beliefs. But even if we didn’t get the choice, we can choose how we look after it. When we start to care for the body, exercise, eat well, pamper ourselves, we also begin to love it. The only reason there can be resistance to it is because of comparison. If there was nothing to compare it to, then we would take it as it is. So try not to look at the bodies of others and start caring for your own.


I honour and care for every part of my physical being. My face, my skin, my bones are unique and beautiful.

You are unique and it’s time you start to embrace this. Take time to look after your skin by using clean, organic or natural products. A lot of fruits and vegetables work wonders for the skin also. In Ayurveda, we always follow the self-abhyanga daily practice which is the application of warm oil daily on the whole body for lubrication of the skin and bones. Realise that our bodies are different and that each one is beautiful in its own way.

My body is unique and wonderful just as it is. I focus on my wellbeing and take good care of it.

Wellbeing involves many aspects and daily habits. Prioritse sleep and get enough rest so that the body can regenerate and replenish itself. The foods we eat play a huge role in our overall wellness, so favouring wholesome, simple, easily digestible foods can provide the body with nutrients and nourishment. Physical exercise, yoga, meditation all help the body and mind to be strong, flexible and function well.

Positive affirmation

This body is the vehicle carrying ME, the beautiful soul in this physical world. I am grateful for all that it does for ME and I choose to love it unconditionally.

Understanding the role of the physical body from a yogic perspective can help us to develop a beautiful connection and appreciation for it. Knowing that it is this body that gives each soul the physical life experience is so special and profound. Then we can start to love every part of it yet without any attachment.