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Love the skin you’re in

I once read an article about the new female “ideal” body. I couldn’t help but feel slightly annoyed over this. How is it that there is an ideal shape that as women we should strive towards? Isn’t it absurd that after decades of fighting for our rights, yet again there is something to differentiate ourselves from others. Body image is hardly a new topic and we’ve all fallen in the trap of failing to appreciate ourselves for who we really are because of the size tag on our jeans. Media has a big influence on how we think and feel about ourselves and this shouldn’t happen of course. But sometimes, when our vulnerability kicks in, we can’t help but accept the fact that we do get sucked into it. But ladies, you don’t have to accept it. Never compromise your looks for anybody, your body has been created beautiful the way it is. No doubt we can feel self-conscious, but that shouldn’t be based on comparison. Striving to be in a better physical shape should have more to do with aiming to live a healthier lifestyle and less to do with the number on those scales.


We are all constructed differently and that’s because our bodies are unique. Some women have bigger breasts than others; some have bigger bums, whilst others have longer legs. None of these are built wrong! Of course we can all reconstruct our figures to fit in with a certain look we want to have because it’s “trendy”, but why would we want to change everything about how we look to resemble somebody else? The reason we are all shaped so differently is because we are unique and that’s what makes each and every one of us beautiful. Learn to listen to your body and what it needs to stay healthy, sexy and strong. Don’t seek approval from others or allow media’s influence to overpower you.
Learn to look at your figure everyday in that mirror and begin to like what you see. Although some of you may feel uncomfortable at first, stay there and look at yourself until you see something that makes you smile. Believe me it’s there, you just have to look. Stop thinking about what your body should be like and start loving it because of what it is like.


I’m sure all of us have attempted at some point to fit into a smaller pair of skinny leg jeans but completely failed. What a horrible feeling that was! But why put yourself through this? If you know you are not that size, don’t try to be, because it will not fit. Learn to accept your own body the way it is and wear the right size for you. Nobody needs to know the number on that dress you are wearing; you are the only one who needs to accept it. Instead of trying so desperately to change the digits on that size tag, focus more on understanding what actually suits your body and wear that. Accept your body and flaunt what is unique about you.


We honestly don’t realize how precious life is. There is no doubt that we sometimes abuse our bodies with too little sleep, inconsiderate amounts of alcohol on the weekends, bad food choices, over exercising, sun tanning and the list goes on. Understand that being healthy is not an immediate thing, but a lifestyle choice. Choose to stay in that Saturday night if you had a long week and need your rest. Choose to wake up every morning and stretch because you know that your body was pretty much immovable for the last 6-8 hours while you were asleep and it needs to liven up. Learn to cook healthier meals, not because you need to lose weight, but because you love your body and want to give it good nutrients so that it can function properly. Exercising should never be a chore but part of your lifelong health goals because this will make you physically and mentally stronger.


What we eat and how we think matters so much to our development as human beings. If our body doesn’t function to its full potential, neither will our mind. When we do something that causes our body to be in pain, our cognitive abilities will also feel impaired. For example when we over exercise, our body hurts, in fact sometimes we can barely move and so we will feel mentally drained as well! This goes the same for stress, little sleep, eating too much fast food, not drinking enough water… you get the idea. Do things to improve your mind, body and soul flow. Understand that these are all connected and that everything you do will affect you’re whole functioning. Be kind to yourself.


We all face some sort of identity crisis at some point in our lives. This is usually around our teenage years, when we are so darn confused about everything in the world. But as we grow older (and apparently wiser), our most important aim should be to get to know the real us. Who are you? What is it that you are afraid to see? Taking time to self-reflect is very necessary. If you truly know who you are, then you will rarely face situations you will not be able to handle. We underestimate our own significance and more often than not see others as more worthy. One thing to always remember is that you are the most important person in YOUR life! Just as we give people the time of the day, we should do so for our own self. Learning things about yourself will not only make you feel happier, but it can also open new doors for you. See who you really are and get to know your strengths and weaknesses. Appreciate the good and attempt to change the things you could do better. Once you are fully comfortable with this, your life will feel so much more enjoyable because when you have love for yourself, you will have enough love to give to the world.

When will the ideal body promote a healthy approach instead of a reconstruction of what our mama gave us? Wanting to look like somebody else is simply mentally & emotionally detrimental and most definitely physically challenging. Learn to rely on yourself and be courageous and bold about your capabilities.
Step out of your comfort zone and be fierce.