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Why we meet the people we do

People come and go, but trust there is a reason for every individual you have come across in your lifetime. The connection made between the souls during the bond has created an impact in your life. Sometimes this could have been something that has completely changed your life, whilst in other cases it may have been a simple understanding or a social connection to teach you something that you needed to learn for that moment in your life. There is a lesson to be learnt from each person we meet and it is our foolish ignorance that often dismisses this. No matter what role each individual played in your life, this was significant just the same as the role you played in their life. It is how we operate on a social level to add to the essence of the collective consciousness of the universe. In the universe there are no coincidences and through this understanding we learn the value of divine timing and trust.

We might doubt this especially when a relationship we encounter brings us pain, sorrow, misery, confusion. But all these are simply lessons and motions we must go through in that moment in time. Amongst many of the lessons presented to us in our lifetime, there are two that are the most important ones that we must master and we will continue to go through different experiences until we do so. One is love and the other is forgiveness. When we understand that love heals and gives life and forgiveness frees us from any created expectations and illusions, we get closer to the true essence of our spirit and begin to see the physical life as it is. Through love we allow everything to just be, without judgement or in need to alter the experience. Love teaches us that it’s ok to be vulnerable and to open our heart to all experiences and persons that cross our paths. The true meaning of love can only be felt when you practice unconditional love, the kind that you give without expecting it in return. Unconditional love is an abundance of love that never runs out and we all have this within us.

Through forgiveness we learn to let go of our own created limited beliefs and need to control others’ experiences. Nobody is perfect but sometimes we believe we can be. So we continue to chase ideals which we think will lead us to this perfection, only to find that the more we search for it the more far away we distance from our core self. We allow the ego to provide us comfort by searching endlessly for an illusion that we mistake for reality, and a reality which is merely an illusion. We fail to recognise that there is no “was” or “will be” but instead we only have a “there is”. We take time as a notion to hold onto so that we can create meaning for ourselves and the relationships we have, because the ego wants to find a reason for everything we do. We compare others to how they used to be and how they are now, and wonder if we can change the way they will be. But the experience every human being has is unique, it’s their own therefore no matter how much we try to alter this, there is no edit button for such action. We give ourselves the self-importance to choose the path of others and give guidance towards their own experience. At the same time, we seek the guidance from others in what we should do, how we should be and most importantly who we are. We are always students of life therefore we are in constant learning mode; however how can we seek answers from others when these are simply inside of ourselves. How can we know the truth of somebody else, when they are not even familiar with theirs and us with our own?  We hear of people who say they are unable to trust others, perhaps from a personal previous experience or something that has triggered this limited emotional belief. The issue here does not come from the individuals we believe are not trustworthy, but instead from our created expectations of how people should be or act.

Let go of the idea that you should be somebody more than you are. Let go of your fears, slowly flow with what life brings for you. Accept that everything that is manifesting in your life is doing so for a reason, as part of something bigger that perhaps you may not understand. Free yourself from self-limiting beliefs, from limitations and barriers. Accept the now as it is, feel it, see it, believe it. Take responsibility for your decisions and know that not all will be the best. But that’s ok, learn from these lessons. Evolve, love, accept and let go. Accept others for who they are and if you love, then do so unconditionally. Have trust in yourself and know you are worthy of everything your heart and soul are calling you to go for. Be brave, take risks and go on adventures. Open your eyes to new places, your heart to new people, your mind to new possibilities.