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What you need to know about weight loss

I am a firm believer in living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. When it comes to weight-loss, this is a complex topic and each person approaches it differently. Unless it is advised by a medical practitioner, dietician or a certified expert, we should focus on our wellbeing as a whole (mentally, physically, emotionally)

IF you appreciate your body, you will strive to give it the best foods it needs in order to nourish and look after it. If you have love for yourself, this will project in the way you look because you will be kind to your body by eliminating anything that does not feel good for it. The mind and body work together and are connected, therefore how you feel about yourself and how you look are actually in congruence with one another.

Your body is a mechanism that keeps you alive and gives you the ability to move and function on a physical level. It needs to be nurtured and loved and you do this by providing it the right nutrition and exercise.


Food is fuel for your body and not for emotions. Your emotional state should not be enhanced or repressed by food. When you understand this concept, you will find the clarity into why you are actually eating. If you want a body that’s healthy and clean, you need to give it the right fuel. Ask yourself why are you motivated to eat that food that is not doing good for the body? You might say that it tastes good and you will enjoy it. So then ask yourself what will you achieve by giving into this taste? It will simply be a pleasurable experience which end very soon and the aftermath lasts just as quick. It’s ok to treat yourself once in a while, these little moments are part of the process, but when they become a daily habit, and you find yourself unable to resist, take in consideration the why. Why would you want to clog your body with foods that don’t support a healthy functioning for the organs? Eating healthy is a broad subject. What two people might consider healthy is simply influenced by their beliefs systems, values, culture, education on the subject etc. Find what works for you. Explore different meals, inform yourself on the benefits that certain foods have on your body, discover new cuisines.


Your body needs to move, it has been designed like this. Give your muscles the mobility they need so that they can develop and your body can be stronger. The internal organs benefit greatly from exercise and by doing so, the nervous and circulatory systems will perform much better. Exercise is great because you are stimulating your physical and cognitive state at the same time. When you exercise, you release endorphins which is why you get such a high during a workout that continues to last afterwards. This is a natural process and when it becomes part of your daily routine, this feel good state will only get stronger. Find what type of exercises you enjoy and do those.

5 quick and powerful affirmations towards a healthier you:

1. I love and appreciate my body and I give it the right foods and exercise to that it can perform better.
2. I deserve to live a healthy, happy, active lifestyle.
3. I exercise because I love and appreciate my body and overall wellness.
4. I live a healthy life because it’s important to me.
​5. I feel energized and productive everyday because I live an active, healthy lifestyle.