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13 foods that are naturally cleansing

These 13 foods that are naturally cleansing post focuses on vegetables and fruits only and their cleansing qualities by either supporting digestion or the liver functioning. 

Food is the fuel to our body and mind; medicine when we need to heal and it provides us nourishment and energy. Wholesome, clean eating is not about being strict about what we eat, but more about connecting with food in a healthy way. When we understand the goodness certain foods can do to our body, mind and overall lifestyle, we learn to really appreciate the good foods and naturally begin to stay away from those which don’t add any nutritional value.

What we eat, our eating habits, the times of the day we eat and the relationship we have with food can greatly impact our health. All of these affect our digestive system, and if this is not in proper functioning, many problems may develop. Commonly known digestive issues experienced such as bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, indigestion etc if they occur over a prolonged period of this, disease may come. So we want to keep our gut happy and healthy, so that our quality of life improves and we can maintain and create a state of joy and balance in life.

In general, most foods that come directly from nature are known in yoga and Ayurveda, as “sattvic” food which means pure and wholesome, whilst everything that is too processed with chemicals and additional ingredients that we cannot even pronounce, is probably not the best choice. But depending on where we live and what foods we have access to, we can learn to create a balanced eating style by introducing more of the sattvic foods. Raw food is not promoted in Ayurveda due to its cooling property and being more difficult to digest than cooked food, but if the digestive fire is healthy and strong, in moderation this is ok. We can also cook many fruits as well as veges, or we can add herbs and spices to promote a heating quality.

In this post, I have focused only on fruits and vegetables, but there are many other food groups which can support the digestive organs and help cleanse the body. These 13 foods all comes with great nutritional benefits and share the common quality of naturally cleansing the body, mainly by supporting a proper functioning digestion.

​*The information on this post is not to treat any illness or digestive/medical conditions you may be experiencing or interfere with a nutritional plan you have from a qualified nutritionist or health practitioner; but to provide information on the benefits of these foods. If you have any medical conditions or digestive problems, you should consult a GP or a qualified medical practitioner.

Cruciferous vegetables, including broccoli are known for being a source of fibre which helps with stool elimination and bowel movement. Some may also help support the liver in detoxification.

This delicious root vegetable is like a superfood in my opinion. It contains fibre, magnesium and Vitamin C and it supports the liver with toxins release. Beetroot is also said to provide more stamina and strength for the body, and looking at it, we can understand this by its qualities of heaviness and strong, both in appearance and in taste.

I had to include cucumbers because they are mostly water content which helps us to keep hydrated and supports digestion. Cucumbers are so versatile and despite their high water content, they are super tasty (in my opinion). The peel can be used in water to sip throughout the day which is a powerful way of cleansing the internal organs.

Although avo’s are quite a heavy food due to their healthy fats content, they do have plenty of minerals and vitamins also which assist digestion. In Ayurveda, it is sometimes regarded as a nourishing food as the healthy fats support the gut lining.

Although in the traditional yogic diet/mithara, garlic is not promoted as a food to take, it does however come with anti-bacterial and antibiotic properties which support the gut and immune system. It is a heating food, so adding it in foods in cooked form can also stimulate agni/the digestive fire.

Shunti, as it is called in Ayurveda (Sanskrit) is highly regarded as a herb and food for its many wellness supporting properties. As a heating food, ginger stimulates digestion which improves agni and also helps to reduce bloating and gas. It is high in antioxidants and also helps to boost the immune system. ​

I have included the 3 together because they all fall under the category of citrus fruits. In Ayurveda, we look at their heating quality which can help increase the digestive fire and support a healthy and complete elimination. They are also known as a high source of Vitamin C which helps boost immunity and with skin wellness also.

This little green gem of a fruit is truly such a blessing. Kiwi fruit is a great source of antioxidants and is known for its cleansing quality by supporting with healthy elimination and bowel movement.

Lettuce has a high water content as well as being a high source of antioxidants and vitamins.

These sour tasting delicious apples are a great source of antioxidants and fibre and have heating property which supports the digestion.

Like cucumbers, celery also has a high water content and may also help to reduce inflammation. It also contains fibre which helps with elimination of stool/bowel movement.