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Apr 04
Quick and easy baked chickpea flour falafel recipe

My super quick and easy baked chickpea flour falafel recipe.​Falafel is such an incredible food and I eat a lot of it. I find it a highly nutritious food (when prepared well and not fried in unhealthy oil of course). This quick and easy baked falafel recipe is made with chickpea flour and it is […]

Mar 25
Quick and easy vegan walnut cacao cookies recipe

Treat yourself to some sweetness with these vegan walnut cacao cookies ready in just 15 minutes! These cookies are simply incredible! They are vegan, gluten-free and have no added or refined sugar. This is a quick and easy recipe, ready in 15 minutes. They can actually be either baked or chilled. They don’t really need […]

Feb 26
Easy bake vegan banana and strawberries pancakes

Make your breakfast extra delicious and full of goodness with these easy bake vegan banana and strawberries pancakes. These delicious pancakes have become one of my favourite breakfast culinary creations. They are vegan, gluten-free, quick to make, incredibly delicious and so wholesome!​Ayurveda advises us to always take warm, light food in the morning because this […]

Feb 26
Green Hummus with fresh herbs recipe

This green hummus with fresh herbs recipe is absolutely delicious, very easy to make and it also look great. Like hummus, it has a chickpeas base and cumin, but I have also introduced two delicious fresh herbs which really gave it something extra special These are dill and coriander. I know traditionally Tahini is also […]

Feb 21
Baked veges, tofu and rice noodles recipe

A quick and simple vegan dinner dish – baked veges, tofu and rice noodles. This vegan and gluten-free dinner recipe is so delicious and easy to make. All you need is the fresh ingredients, the Ayurvedic spices, rice noodles, some oil and the casserole dish. You put everything in the oven, and then the culinary […]

Feb 19
13 foods that are naturally cleansing

These 13 foods that are naturally cleansing post focuses on vegetables and fruits only and their cleansing qualities by either supporting digestion or the liver functioning.  Food is the fuel to our body and mind; medicine when we need to heal and it provides us nourishment and energy. Wholesome, clean eating is not about being […]

Feb 17
Plant based soba noodles recipe ready in just 20 minutes

Soba noodles are an incredibly delicious food that is diverse and goes with many dishes. It takes about 5 minutes to boil them so they are very quick to cook. They are made from buckwheat flour (generally), which makes them a great choice for those following a gluten-free and plant based lifestyle. Soba noodles are […]

Jan 22
3 Ayurvedic principles when cooking food

Learn about the importance of cooking consciously with these 3 Ayurvedic principles when cooking food.​​Ayurvedic cooking focuses on making well balanced and nourishing meals for both the body and the mind. Ideally we would know our primary dosha (body constitution) so that we can understand what foods are most compatible and suitable for our body […]

Dec 19
4 Ingredients Ayurvedic bliss balls recipe

These 4 ingredients Ayurvedic bliss balls are my go to wholesome dessert alternative. They are so delicious and easy to make. I used only 4 ingredients which are considered sattvic in Ayurveda. Sattvic means clean, wholesome and good for the body and mind qualities. Usually they include some other ingredients like nuts and seeds, some […]

Nov 22
Simple traditional Ayurvedic dal recipe

This simple traditional Ayurvedic dal recipe is by far my go to meal and I prepare it several times during the week. In Ayurvedic cooking, dal is one of the most important and commonly used ingredients. It is known for being easy to digest, nourishing and supporting agni (digestive fire). There are different kinds of […]