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4 ways to embrace change and the new moon energy

Embrace change and the new moon energy in Pisces.

New moons are a beautiful reminder that we can always begin again. I am a firm believer that in life, we can continue to reinvent ourselves through ongoing transformation, personal development and understanding ourselves. If we follow the teachings of the yoga philosophy, we understand that the physical self (including the body and mind) are constantly changing and whilst we may keep some parts consistent, through each life experience we evolve and learn. This is why “vairagya” (non-attachment) is so important in the yoga philosophy, because it teaches us to not become stagnant or rigid, to not hold onto to aspects of life that need to change. Because change comes all the time and to be in a peaceful state, we must learn to adapt and trust the flow of our life.

Today’s new moon in Pisces is just another notification that transformation is available right now. Pisces is a water sign, creative, sensitive and highly intuitive. The element of water represents change, creativity, emotions and being able to adapt the mind and body to new experiences.

Here are some ways that may help in embracing this beautiful new moon vibe.

Intuition (in my opinion) is just another way our Higher self communicates with our physical self, and this can come in the form of creative inspiration or physical manifestation, such as a “gut feel”.  Concentration and meditation practices can help us to bring the mind in a calm state so we can tune in to is happening internally, which is often why some people may find it difficult to do so. I believe that every creative inspiration or a deep longing for change that comes not in the form of desire but an instinctive urge, are all clues from our Divine self towards our better version in this physical manifestation.

Self-expression in journaling form can also help us connect with our intuition. The paper allows us to open up and release any thoughts or feelings that are predominant without judgement or answering back. Like meditation, journaling is a form of simply acknowledging and observing emotions and thoughts that are lingering in our waking state. When we write them down, we realise aspects of ourselves, of our life, how we process emotions and clues to a change coming. Journaling can also act like a mirror that reflects to us an internal state then we can understand if and what changes are needed. 

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As we learn and evolve through each life experience, hopefully we become wiser and more in tune with the better version of ourselves. This does not mean that we become perfect people, that we will know everything and never make a mistake again. Mistakes are needed to learn, but also to not be repeated too often. And we will never truly known everything because the physical life is unpredictable and constantly changing. But we can be clear about how we want to be in this life. 

Transformation is always available to us and it can happen by simply figuring out what we want out of life and the version of ourselves we want to live by. We all have the potential to become kinder, more compassionate, successful in what we do, live a healthier lifestyle etc. All we have to do is to have a clear picture of what this looks like and start living it. Yes it can be this simple because our mind is so powerful and once it gets hooked onto something, habit is created. 

Figuring all this out can be done by writing down the qualities of yourself you want to enhance and live by more. It can also be done in a mood board form, to create a visual masterpiece of what you would like life to look like for you. This can reflect on different aspects such as taking better care of your physical appearance, or by adopting new healthier eating or lifestyle habits, or by reflecting what it is that you want to be of service with in this world, or by specific words to represent this version of yourself. 

Affirmations are also a great way to guide the mind towards healthier habits and lifestyle, and this is why they are always done in the present moment. It’s always important (in my opinion) to be realistic and humble also with these. If we always keep ourselves grounded and come from a good intention, then inspiration will come to us about what it is that we are guided to create, manifest and become. 

As Pisces is a water sign and often quite in tune with their emotions, it’s so helpful learn to honour how we feel. We often run away from our emotions, sometimes because we have learned or taught ourselves to do or, and other times because they feel uncomfortable. But in order to transform, we should be able to develop a mature approach to our emotional states. They are all important and clues of our internal states which can help us grow, heal, become stronger or softer, tune into our intuition etc. Yoga philosophy teaches us that everything is temporary, that thoughts and emotions come and go but this so only if we don’t repress them but face them in a safe and healthy way. Transformation is only possible when we face all aspects of a situation and at times it can feel light and easy, and other times we can experience discomfort. But this is how we grow and change. 

Finally my favourite part, living a healthier, more joyful and harmonious lifestyle. If we only realised how precious each moment in our physical life is, then we would always try to make the best choices that help us live in a state of wellness and joyfulness. It is never too late to start eating more healthy; to introduce a daily physical exercise routine; to start a yoga practice; to prioritise sleep; to drink more water; to develop healthy social connections etc. Maybe investing time in a new hobby to increase your creative abilities and joy for life is what will help some of you. For others, it can be about education on wholesome foods, or lifestyle changes that have a positive impact on overall wellbeing.

Whatever it may be, learn about what you need to create a more joyful state and focus on making it a priority in your life. This is actually what both yoga as a philosophy and Ayurveda teach us. To learn to observe our thoughts and emotions without reaction so we can maintain a calm mental state. To look after our physical body so that we are free from any physical discomfort and minimise/prevent disease. To open our hearts to trust ourselves and life so that we can live in harmony with others and nature.

I leave you with my final teaching for this post which I hope it empowers and inspires you to create and live a lifestyle of joy, wellbeing and balance.  
“There is no final destination. Life is a journey of continuous exploration and ongoing transformation”.