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Kapha dosha pacifying foods

​A Kapha pacifying diet requires a balance of warming, dry and light foods. People with a predominant Kapha dosha usually have a slow and sluggish digestion. This is because the Kapha elements of water and earth make Kapha predominantly heavy, steady, moist, sluggish and slow. It takes them longer to digest food and they tend to put on weight very quickly, but also find it very hard to lose it. Kaphas don’t really have a big appetite and they can go without food for long periods of time. But it’s important to keep consistency of having 3 meals a day, however keep these light and small.


Start the day by sipping warm water with ginger. It is a great way to kick start the digestive system and boost metabolism. Ginger is also heating, as well as considered sattvic, therefore all three doshas can benefit from it. A cup of green tea is also a good idea because green tea is an energy booster and has great benefits for digestion.


Kaphas are not big fans of breakfast due to their slow digestion, so they usually wake up feeling quite full. But it is an important meal of the day and by having the correct foods which pacify this dosha, the digestion will become more balanced. Try a small portion of stewed apples with a little drizzled turmeric on top. 


​The most suited tastes for Kapha are pungent, bitter and astringent. The least favourable are sweet, salty and sour. Kaphas love sweets but it’s important to try not to indulge in too many sweet quality foods because they tend to add heaviness to digestion, something Kaphas naturally have. As a lunch option, a bowl of creamy soup made with broccoli or potato would work great. Soups are also easier to digest and provide Kapha with a lovely warming feel. 


It would be ideal for people with predominant Kapha dosha to have an early dinner, in order to give their body enough time to digest the food for the next day. Dinner meals should be kept light and fresh. A great option is dal or rice with steamed veges or a light vegetable stew (check here the Kapha pacifying veges).


People with predominant Kapha dosha don’t usually have a big appetite so they very rarely feel like a snack. But should they do, a glass of freshly squeezed green juice or boiled carrots or celery would be good snacks.