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Pitta dosha pacifying foods

A Pitta pacifying diet needs to provide the Pitta dosha a refreshing, cooling feeling. The Pitta agni/digestive fire is strong therefore people with predominant Pitta dosha usually have good digestion and a strong appetite. You know you’ve got Pitta in you because breakfast is a must. Those with predominant Pitta dosha cannot skip their meals because they get very hungry and if they don’t eat, they get frustrated, agitated and “hangry”. 

Due to its elements of fire and water, the Pitta dosha qualities are hot, sharp, acidic, light and intense therefore eating foods which balance out those qualities is ideal. The tastes that pacify Pitta are sweet, bitter and astringent.


​Start your day with a glass of water at room temperature. This is to cool off the internal heat and hydrate the body after a night’s sleep which Pitta’s are very good at. As a best practice, try to avoid ice in your water. The excess cold will not be good for the Pitta dosha heat. This can affect the digestion negatively, so it’s always indicated to drink water at room temperature so that the body is aligned with the external conditions. 


​Breakfast is a very important meal for Pitta predominant dosha people. As they have a strong digestion, most Pittas will wake up thinking about food and feeling very hungry. So much so that sometimes they plan their breakfast the night before, because food is always a priority for the Pittas. A granola smoothie bowl (choose a low sugar granola) will provide the Pitta digestion with a cooling quality and a consistent nutritious option to last them until lunch time. Another option is a fruit smoothie and a bowl of rice porridge made with coconut milk or hot water. Should the smoothie not be an option, a glass of cold pressed green juice will be good to feed that strong Pitta appetite and provide it with great energy for the day ahead.


​As Pittas are usually very productive individuals, they definitely need to have their lunch to fuel their body. Generally speaking, Pittas have a pretty consistent daily meal schedule, and when in balance, they tend to eat their meals at around the same time daily. As a lunch option, a balance between vegetables and grains will nourish the Pitta agni and provide enough nutrients and fuel for the remaining of the day. Some options would be stuffed bell peppers with quinoa, or brown rice with steamed broccoli and mushrooms, or a bowl of dal which is a great alternative.


​Having been active throughout the day, the Pitta fire can be higher in the evening, needing a nice balanced meal. A fresh and refreshing green salad with sunflower oil, or a bowl of creamy vegetable soup are both great options for a Pitta pacifying dinner meal. 


​Pittas have a strong digestion and they must have their 3main meals daily. Sometimes they do want a small snack, so a handful of sunflower seeds can provide the body with iron, calcium and B vitamins. For fruit snacks, grapes are a good choice for Pitta as they have antioxidants and provide the Pitta digestion with a cooling feel.

After dinner and before bed time, it’s a great idea to have a cup of chamomile tea which helps relax the mind but it is also good for digestion, bloating and stomach discomfort. As Pittas have a reactive digestion and they are quite sensitive, chamomile tea is a great way to ease any tummy discomfort.