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6 ways to clear the energy in your home

Our home is supposed to be the space we feel safe in, calm and free. This is our shelter away from the external environment. Our home becomes a reflection of our character, interests, needs, personality, habits etc; but also of our emotional states and feelings. Therefore the energy in our home can also change depending on our mood, emotions as well as if we experience any sort of illness. Just as we have to cleanse ourselves physically, mentally & energetically, our home needs these too. Having people enter our home can also impact the energy in the environment. It does not necessarily have to be negative, but it is another energy entering in our space. Knowing this, then it is useful to cleanse the energy in it at least once a week. Also doing so during new moons and full moons can be a powerful practice.

Here are some of the ways I have learned and practice which may also be useful for you:


Incense sticks

These beautiful fragrant sticks can set up a lovely atmosphere in any environment. They are cost effective and if well made and authentic, the scent has the power to uplift the energy in your surroundings and clear away any unwanted vibes. Most of them are very strong, so try not to overdo it. For doing a cleanse, I would recommend Tulsi, Lavender, Rosemary, Sandalwood although I have been recently using Astaghanda which I find amazing. They are also easily accessible and many physical and online stores have quite a wide variety available.



They are not everybody’s choice, but if you love crystals and believe in their power to transform, to heal and to support your journey, then they can be used as a way to cleanse your space and channel in the energy you want. Each crystal has its own energy so it is useful to learn about them; although I think that we can also use our intuition and pick the crystals we are drawn to, not necessarily knowing too much. We somehow always tend to attract the ones we need the most. I have crystals in specific areas of my house. The type of crystal I choose is based on where it is in the house; for example in my bedroom I have specific crystals which are different from the ones in my kitchen or at the entrance of my house. But in general, for protection and clearing away stagnant or negative energy, we can use black onyx, selenite, moonstone, white agate and many others. And during the full moon night, we can charge them by leaving them outside under the moonlight.


Sage smudging

The sage smudging is well-known for many and it has been used for decades, as one of the most powerful plants for purification. It is also used sometimes by yoga teachers in classes. The sage is a beautiful plant that has cleansing properties and is a strong purifier hence it is one of the oldest ways to clear out any unwanted energy. These are many you can find online, but if you live somewhere where it grows, then consider yourself blessed. On Amorgos, we have plenty in the mountains so I have always used this. I admit, I am not a fan of the smell but I do appreciate the cleansing effect it has and the good energy it creates. Sage is known for cleansing bacteria so it is therefore useful to use it anytime you feel it is needed. A sage smudge is easy to make but you can also just use one piece of sage, burn the tip of it and use it in the areas you want to release any vibes.


Palo santo

Another traditional and ancient form of clearing energy is by burning Palo Santo otherwise known as the holy wood. This is a beautiful tree that grows in South American rainforests and it is known as an ancient practice Shamans use. Aside from the Palo Santo wood sticks that can be burned and used, there are also oils and incense sticks made with it. I have only used the sticks and to be honest, at first I couldn’t connect with the scent. The smell is so strong and sweet. But after learning more about the tree, the long process that it takes for these to be done without hurting nature, and giving myself some time to adjust with it, I began to love it. I use this often not only to clean my home, but to clean my energy and mind before and during my spiritual practices, be it Japa, Trataka, Dharana, Asana etc.



Candles provide a wonderful atmosphere and set a calm mood. Aside from being decorative and beautiful, they also come in different fragrances which serve for specific purposes. You can find sage aroma candles; tea tree or mint, which can refresh the atmosphere;lemongrass which uplifts the energy or of course, lavender, for its calming and cleansing effects. They come at different price points and there is something for everyone. Personally, I always burn candles in my house. In the evenings, often I prefer having candles instead of the lights on. There is something so serene about this.


Finally, a great way to clear away any unwanted energy from your home is by simply giving it a good clean and getting rid of old things you no longer need or align with. Not only this can be therapeutic for your mind, but it is also a beautiful way to practice saucca, cleanliness. If you use non-toxic cleaning products it is even better, but this is totally up to you. I know these can be quite pricey or not easily accessible depending where you live, so whatever you have, as long as your intention is with joy, then this will be transferred throughout. Air your home often by having windows open and natural light come inside. Change your bed sheets, vacuum, mop, give your bathroom and kitchen a good scrub. Part ways with some items that have no use for you anymore and maybe even re-organise some things around. Play some nice music, relax, or dance while you do it and enjoy. This is your space to feel free and safe, treat it with respect.