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5 powerful affirmations to help inspire and transform your life

Life is full of ups and downs. The constant shift between the two polar energies of yin and yang, feminine and masculine, of up and down, light and dark, happiness and suffering etc are all part of the natural rhythm of life.

​In the yoga philosophy, Sri Patanjali defines yoga as “Yogah citta vritti nirodha” which can be translated as “controlling the modifications of the mind”. These modifications are the thoughts, emotions, impulses etc which create this rhythm between reaction and surrender. So by learning to witness the mind instead of being involved in it, we can find our centre. The space where equanimity/ balance is established. Whether something exciting comes or something painful rises, we remain in the centre, we don’t rise too high, or fall too low. There is internal awareness and balance, which is not influenced by any external factors.

This of course requires a lifetime of practice. Asana, meditation, learning and so on. Another practical and useful way to implement some balance and inspiration in life is by using affirmations. They are powerful phrases that when done with belief and meaning, they have the power to reprogram our subconscious part of the mind. Yet again, this requires practice and patience.

Practicing affirmations that we can relate or aspire to, can indeed begin to change the way we perceive life’s events. The law of the universe provides us the opportunity to be in constant connection with the infinite Divine essence of creation. When we work together, without resistance but with fluidity and being open, wonderful things can begin to take place. And life is an experience. We can do the best we can with what we have. And through this attitude, we can start to believe in our potential to create a life of meaning and peace.

Here are 5 affirmations you can use (if they resonate with you) to give you more inspiration for life, self-belief and a sense of joy to transform your life in a way that best aligns with your purpose.

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As long as there is breath, you are alive. You can make changes or create something new. You have the power to reinvent yourself and how you contribute to the world. The whole purpose of life is to experience it. This is why it is often said that “Life is a gift”. We have been given this life to use however we want.

When things get tough, or something doesn’t go our way, we can feel discouraged. Sometimes we can lose hope and become disconnected from this experience of life. We start to look at an unpleasant event as a catastrophe; a break-up as the end of love; a job loss as a challenge to our identity/status. We can lose ourselves fairly quickly, but guess what? You are never lost because the real you is always there, witnessing all that is happening. The mind might feel lost, but you are not. Everything is temporary, everything has a beginning and an end. This is the natural cycle of death and rebirth which we can also see clearly in nature during the changing seasons. Know that a bad day is only bad because you labelled it that way. And even if it does feel bad to you, tomorrow is a new day. If it comes, approach it with a new attitude. Learn to let go quickly and live more freely.

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The only reality that exists is NOW, in this present moment. You can keep revisiting your past, or rush toward the future. But the truth is that one no longer exists and the other you don’t know if it will come. So be here and now. Whatever it is you keep planning to do with your life, now is the time. Don’t wait for the perfect moment; if you are inspired to do something meaningful, take this as an indication from the Universe that you are ready. Learn to be present in your life by focusing on what is happening right now.

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Gratitude is one of the most important qualities to develop in life. There is always so much desire for more than we have, and yet if we do get it, then we want more. This is the vicious cycle of desire, or as it is called in yoga philosophy, Kama, selfish desire. Ego wants, yet ego is never satisfied. Wake up everyday and say thank you. Every morning, when you open your eyes, say thank you. Even if you cannot find anything to be grateful for in that moment, still give thanks. When there is gratitude, the heart space opens. And this is the portal of connection and unconditional love. When we operate from this space, everything is possible. Every experience teaches us something and every person we meet is somehow a teacher for us to learn from, sometimes in a positive way, and other times through difficult connections. Take the lessons, keep growing and evolving so that you can make the most of every experience.

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Life can be playful and joyful if you decide to live it this way. You are the artist of your own life and even though you cannot control the external events, you can create the ones you do want to experience. Being open to the flow of life and making the decision to take responsibility for how you live can create a huge positive outcome.

We are all creative beings with the gift to explore and architect our life in a way that suits our path of purpose and dharma. Decide how yours will take shape and start to live that way.