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Once upon a time, in a crowded, trendy kingdom, there was a princess. She had the most amazing wardrobe and plenty of dreams. She was different from the rest and made her own rules.  Everybody around her was waiting impatiently for her to find her prince and become a queen. Many came to visit her; they would court her with gifts, romantic extravagant dinners and many promises. The princess was certainly impressed by some, but her hopes and aspirations intrigued her more. She knew deep down that focusing on these will make her queen and in control of her life and destiny. So the princess focused on her goals and after years of hard work, she grew up to be a successful woman who achieved all her greatest desires just like she had always dreamt about. 
Every woman should know that she is a born princess who will one day become a queen. Don’t confuse being a princess with being brought up from a privileged background; instead, think of it as one who receives a lot of attention (like a princess does) but for all the great things she does and the value she ads to the world with her purpose. You have all the right resources to be that. Use your mind, imagination and passion to create the life you’d love to live. Being single can actually have its benefits even though sometimes you fail to identify these. I’ve meet many successful women who have met their partners in the latter part of their life, after they achieved all they wanted to and worked towards building a future for themselves first. If you are still single and feeling the pressure, here are 6 reminders of why you should actually enjoy your single life. 


Being single can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially if you are one of the last solo ladies standing within your circle of friends, but it really is what you make of it.  Everything happens at the right time and yours will come also. There are many single women out in the world hoping everyday that the man of their dreams will come knocking on their door. Maybe this is influenced by others, and maybe sometimes it’s simply because that is what they truly want. Just so you know, that day will come. But until then, take this opportunity to get to know different men, and decide what kind of you really want to spend your life with. Dating has evolved immensely over the years. What once used to be a very personal approach, dating has now become more impersonal and easily accessible. With online dating flourishing in the last 10 years and apps like Tinder growing in popularity, meeting somebody has become much easier. Put yourself out there and start dating more. By meeting different men you are actually elevating by getting to know yourself more and understanding what you like in a man and what doesn’t suit your intimate relationship preferences. Life is full of surprises and you may learn that the men you wouldn’t consider dating, turn out to be much better suited for you than expected. 


Being an independent woman means that you can spend your money whenever and on whatever you want; and this is brilliant. However it is important to learn how to manage your finances. Having a savings account will teach you to be disciplined with your money you work so hard for. You never know where life may take you, and it’s important that you are always prepared financially for it. Even if you are not in a position where you can save a lot, a small amount each month will make a difference. You will become more responsible with your money and begin to appreciate the fact that it is you who is working and creating your own future. Regardless if you want to travel the world or buy your dream home, saving will give you that freedom to do so. You won’t need to fall on anybody’s back because you are accountable for what you want to do with your life and have the resources to back it up.


Spending time on your own could actually be a blessing. Just because you are alone doesn’t mean you are lonely. To be able to love, you must first find that from within for yourself; only then you can identity what it feels like. Focus on developing yourself, expanding your skills and improving. Identify your strengths and find a way to use these in an effective, productive way that adds value to your life. Read the stories of those you admire and figure out your own by discovering the layers you have inside of you. You have the luxury of living exactly the way you want to so make it your priority to explore all your sides and strengthen the ones that will help you to shine brighter. Find hobbies and spend time doing what you love, because only then you will discover your true passion and what your purpose is on this planet. 


This has been one of the most life changing experiences for me. Travelling brings so much value towards your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual development. Learning about new cultures and finding yourself in different environments will broaden your view on life and light that spark within you. Putting yourself out of your comfort zone will teach you just how strong and wonderful you really are and you will open your mind to see more opportunities coming your way. You will also realize that the world is not as scary as you once thought it would be. Travelling on your own teaches you that fear is simply part of life and choosing to push through it, will open up new horizons. Eliminating that fear of the unknown will help you realize how brave you really are. Some of my best memories are from travelling alone and meeting amazing people who will always be in my heart, thanks to the unique experiences we shared. 


Don’t mistake this for doing it to be thin or attain any unrealistic image that society pressures you into. Exercising is a way to get to know yourself and to learn how to be comfortable in an uncomfortable situation (eg, sweating and panting whilst running). Pushing your mind and body through physical challenges such as fitness will make you realize how strong, powerful and brave you really are. One of the most important things in life is to be healthy. If you have good health, you are already successful. Working out and releasing those endorphins will relax your mind and strengthen your physical condition, stimulating both at the same time. By being a physically active person, you are not only doing something valuable with your free time, but you are also looking after yourself, and this shows that you love and respect yourself. Don’t ever stop doing that!


There is a silly myth that if you are single you rarely receive flowers. Who says you can’t spoil yourself? After all, you should be the most important person in YOUR life, so why not start embracing this? I am not ashamed to admit that every Sunday I go out to the local market and buy myself a bouquet of roses. They are my favorite flowers and I don’t need a man to buy them for me. There is nobody in the world who can make you feel more special than you can do for yourself. Seriously, if you want flowers, go get them. This way you can buy whatever bouquet you want.


Being socially active definitely has its place and choosing the right social circle for you can work wonders. We are part of a collective world, which means that we interact with others and much of our sense of identity and belongings comes from the experiences we share with others. We learn something new from every person we meet. Get out there and meet new people; make friends, who you can spend time with and share beautiful experiences together. You don’t have to feel awkward if you are the only single one in the group. Your friends love you regardless if you have your prince or not. Learn to make the most of your social gatherings and have a good time. You may be surprised how much fun life can be when you are busy having a good time. I encourage you to wake up every morning and be grateful that you are who you are. Be patient with yourself and get to know yourself so you can find that self-love you know you have deep within. Only when you access this, you will truly be able to open your heart to somebody else.