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15 ways to a happier life

People take life a bit too seriously sometimes, including myself. We tend to read too much into things and make a big deal out of everything. We worry about the most insignificant minute details, those that don’t even matter really. And the biggest one is that we can often develop a pattern of negative thinking just by giving into failed expectations. Negative feelings and thoughts can be detrimental and even though we know this, we still let ourselves led by them. Negativity has such a powerful presence and the more we give into it, the more we sink ourselves into a bubble of misery. Happiness is more often than not developed through experiencing situations that bring us dissatisfaction, fear and uncomfortable surroundings. I truly believe that only by becoming familiar with the unwanted and that which we fear the most, we will identify what we truly want. If we could only start living with a problem solving winning attitude, and take less of a victim approach we would then realize how many amazing things we could really create in this lifetime.  


Beautiful forrest

1. Realize that everyday you get to live is THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY of your life. You are not guaranteed tomorrow, but you sure have today. So start appreciating this and make the most of it.

2. Stop being mean to yourself. Stop hating your body, stop thinking you are not good enough, stop analyzing everything you do and why you do it. Just STOP and start appreciating who you truly are!

3. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Accept that you are not good at everything, but acknowledge your strengths and use them to create your true purpose.

4. Rest more. The quality of your life could really improve just by giving your body and your mind the break they need. Every body is different so get to know your body clock and create a consistent healthy nigh sleep system.

5. Eat that damn cupcake. You are not going to get fat from one cupcake. If you are a disciplined person when it comes to your physical health involving both exercise and diet, remember you can also indulge sometimes. You are not a robot! 

6. Don’t live by other people’s expectation. Stop wasting time on those who don’t matter. People will always talk, especially when you are doing well. You know who you are and those who truly love you know exactly who you are. That’s why they love you.

7. Making mistakes is all part of the plan. Don’t be afraid to make them. Learn from your failures. Taking risks is what separates the average from the great!

8. Laugh more. Audrey Hepburn once said that the prettiest girls are the happy ones. Happy people laugh more, and everybody wants to be happy. It’s ok to sometimes laugh at yourself and let your goofy side come out.

9. Find a job that ads purpose to your life. On average, we spend 13 years of our life at work. 13 years!!! Make those years count by doing something that gives you personal, professional, emotional, mental and physical satisfaction. No career is perfect but if you love it, you are on the right path.

10. Eat your greens. Vegetables play a very important role in our diet. They help with digestion, reduce illnesses and they add color to any dish. A healthy life leads to a happy, wealthy life.

11. Travel more. Learning about new cultures, tasting different foods, meeting new people, seeing new places all open your mind to a whole new exciting layer of life you never encountered before. It doesn’t matter if you travel within the country you live in or doing a world tour. Just get in the car, plane, train whatever you need to get on and go.

12. Be open to love. You will meet people who will want to be part of your life, to share an intimate relationship with. Welcome them with open arms and share beautiful experiences together. Whether you are meant to be forever, or just soul mates for a temporary duration, accept their love and enjoy your time together. Fear will eventually lead you to regret so choose to take a chance on love. 

Follow your heart

13. Appreciate your family and friends. No matter how self-driven you are, life is more abundant when you share experiences with those who you love. To be wealthy it means to be healthy, give love and feel loved.

14. Kindness doesn’t cost a thing. Understand how others behave around you is an internal projection of how they perceive the interaction based on their internal state and yours combined. When you are kind to yourself, you will be kind to others.  How they see the situation is not your problem but what you can control is how you react to it.

15. Start each day by affirming one thing you appreciate about yourself and your life. Realize that many of the things you want are actually already part of your life and you fail to see them. Gratitude and passion always win.

And remember to enjoy every moment of it because today is the most important day of your life!