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3 New moon practices to welcome in something new in your life

New moons are always an invitation to a new beginning. This can be a big change such as a relocation, ending or starting a partnership, changing a career etc; or it can be a smaller change such as implementing a new health and wellness habit in your life, changing your look, redecorating your home space etc. Whatever it is, the idea of something new always opens doors to transformation. And this is part of life.
Any event related to the moon represents creative flow and a time to expand and be playful with your imagination. If we can tune into this abundance of inspiration then we can realise our infinite potential to create anything.

Here are 3 new moon practices to channel in this energy of the new.


One of the most powerful aspects of the mind is that we can train it to believe in anything and create the life we want to live. By selecting and being mindful of our thought processes we can reinvent ourselves and change our life for the better. Whether or not you practice affirmations, it is a great and easy habit to commit to. All we have to do is to begin affirming to ourselves what we want to become as our physical self and how we want to live. Affirmations only work if we repeat them in the present, as if we already have that which we seek. This signals the subconscious mind what it needs to work towards and opens the portal of creation together with the infinite consciousness or Divine essence. You must also believe what you are affirming, because when we pair the thoughts with feelings, then it becomes even more powerful. Affirmations can be done in the morning when you wake up (with a clear mind) and also before sleep, but they are useful anytime of the day. Here are 3 affirmations examples for the new moon time:

“Today and always, I am open to change and welcome in all the new that comes my way”.

“I am a beautiful, vibrant soul and my purpose is needed in the world through my service and work”.

“I have the power to create the life I love to live and everything I do, aligns with my higher purpose”.

New moon affirmations


Earlier in my life, I worked in fashion as a creative and later a designer and from my early teens I would buy the most popular fashion magazines and do cutout mood boards of all the trends and styles, colour palettes, fabrics and so on. This was my inspiration and fuel behind my design process. Later on, I started to do the same for my life. I loved magazines so I still used cutouts but this time with titles and images that represented the life I wanted to live. (You can also draw or paint these). Once finished, I’d have it in my bedroom where I could always see it. Before bed time, I would look at it and imagine myself living that life. From personal experience, I can say mood boards work. I actually recently found one of my old mood boards and most of what I had on it, happened for me. Indeed it took some years, but remember that call from within is a means to guide you to that, no matter how long it takes. So it is not enough to just look at them. The idea is to see this image we create, and allow it to be our inspiration for all the actions and decisions we make, so that they align with making it happen. Channeling this new moon energy, you can get creative about what it is that you are open to co-create with the Universe and what you are welcoming into your life. This is a personal practice so don’t hold back. Even if something feels way too far from your reality, there is infinite potential within us when we are open to receive it.


If we want to invite something new in our life, we must first let go of something. This is the law of the universe, only when you are willing to end something, then another new aspect can open for you. Personally, I find doing a big clean up really powerful. Cleaning the home space, getting rid of the things, clothes and material things that no longer represent or align with where it is you want to be, may be useful. You can also burn Palo santo or sage to cleanse the energy of the space and yourself. If anything, when you feel your environment spacious and clean, as opposed to cluttered and messy, inspiration and creativity are heightened. We also feel more open and free and we create space for the new. You don’t have to limit it only for your environment, but also apply this for your physical self. Have a bubble bath, exfoliate your skin, put on a face mask, wash your hair and put a treatment on it, do your nails and renew yourself. It is truly amazing how much more open and confident we are when we feel good about ourselves.

Remember that we are here to co-create with the infinite Divine power of the universe, and every thought or action we take have a vibration through which we communicate with this infinite essence. Be open, grateful, believe in yourself and start to take decisions towards that path which inspires you as your next chapter in life.