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Quick and easy vegan stuffed tomatoes with black rice

This quick and easy to make vegan stuffed tomatoes and black rice recipe makes a delicious and filling meal.

Personally I love black rice because I find it more tasty than the plain white one; it has a slight nut like taste. It also makes a nice alternative for when we want a break from Basmati rice.

Living in the Greek islands, I have tasted many different varieties of this dish because it is one of the traditional foods here. Originally it is made with white rice, and some locals like to add raisins or other vegetables in the filling.

I kept this recipe simple, with just the needed ingredients: rice and tomatoes. I have also added a small amount of red pepper and of course some Ayurvedic spices to add to the flavour and the quality of this delicious dish. It is so easy to make and keeping it simple, with not too many ingredients helps the digestive process.

2 standard mugs of black rice (cooked)
2 large tomatoes
1/2 diced red pepper
1 tbsp Cumin
1 tbsp Coriander seeds
Olive oil for cooking

Preparation for the stuffing:

  1. In a heated pan, add the cumin, coriander seeds and garlic with a small amount of oil. Let them cook for about a minute.
  2. Add the red pepper and stir with the spices until all is mixed together.
  3. Add the black rice and 400 ml of water. Let to cook for about 20minutes.

Preparation for the tomatoes:

  1. Cut the top off.
  2. Scoop out the pulp from the tomatoes.
  3. Place them on an over tray and with a spoon add the stuffing.
  4. Add the top of the tomato but leave a little bit open. Add a small amount of olive oil.
  5. Put them in the oven and let them cook for 15-20minutes.