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How to deal with Mercury retrograde

This month we once again welcome the arrival of the Mercury in retrograde. This is one of those astrological events we hear so much negative talk about, but in all honesty, it serves a purpose. One interesting thing I have noticed during this period, that even skeptics of astrology, during this period would complain about their mood or overall state without knowing what is going on. Planetary aspects affect us all to a degree, depending how sensitive we are to energy. 

What does it mean when Mercury is in retrograde? In short, Mercury doesn’t actually move backwards it just looks as though it’s going backwards, but this is just in contrast and its position to the other planet’s movement. It’s kind of on a standstill, hence why things can seem to be slow moving and we can become frustrated and impatient during this period. Mercury is the planet that represents communication of all kinds, whether verbal, written, listening etc. It also rules travel and buying and selling, including negotiations. So during this time, we are advised to not make any hasty decisions, but instead take things slow and consider our thoughts, actions, words and decisions more carefully. During Mercury retrograde, we can also feel uncomfortable and perhaps even get into arguments more easily. So what can we do to embrace this time and create a shift to be in alignment with what Mercury is guiding us to do?


​The energy centre in the body which governs communication is Vishudi, or the throat chakra. This is located at the centre of the throat and when in balance we can easily express ourselves, voice our ideas but also listen to others effectively and with good intention. As Mercury is the planet of communication, it’s a great idea to do some work in this area of the body. To activate and balance Vishudi, we can practice journaling, by expressing our thoughts, feelings and ideas on paper; we can do mantras to clear out toxins from the throat and activate the vocal cord and bringing balance to this part by the vibration of the mantra. Through hatha yoga, we can focus on a few asanas that open the throat and release toxins and blockages from this area. Click here to learn more about the throat chakra.

Fish pose/Matsyasana – opens the throat and expands the lungs capacity for deeper breathing by opening the chest. ​ (click here for instructions in the pose)
Cobra pose/Bhujangasana – a beautiful way to be open to express ourselves freely with an open heart and creating space in the throat area to share our ideas and truth. By opening the chest area, we also create more space in the lungs for the breath to become deeper. (click here for instructions in the pose)
Plow pose/Halasana – regulates the thyroid, compresses the throat and opens the back of the neck. (click here for instructions in the pose)


Social media has become one of the main mediums we now use for communication and connection with the world. But during this month, it would be a good time to take a break from the online world, and connect with the real world. Taking a break from social media will also give you more time to focus on yourself, reflect and go within. Since Mercury rules all forms of communication, it’s best to stay away from having to put too many things in writing, especially electronically. You might find yourself making rash comments or simply feel annoyed or aggravated by what you see people post, so take it easy and engage in real life conversations with supportive people who have good intentions towards you and vice-versa. 



There is a positive side to Mercury retrograde and that is that it requires us to take on a spiritual journey inward. As the levels of impatience, frustration and emotional outbursts may increase, this period asks us to slow down, to finish any unfinished business and to deal with let go of wounds from the past. Mercury retrograde periods can also sometimes bring back people from the past whom we have not yet got closure from or them from us. So it’s important to take this time and give yourself a spiritual, mental and emotional cleanse and release any past emotional energies from your energetic field so you can attract new ones in. As communication is so important this month, write down your thoughts, your fears, emotional state etc, find the root of the cause, and then learn to let go. After stormy Mercury retrograde, you will have much more clarity in your mind. 

Whilst it can be a difficult and challenging period, if we choose to embrace this period and create some order in your life, this could really be a blessing. Remember to breathe in, breathe out, take a moment, consider what you are about to say, decide if it is important, and then decide if you will continue with it or not.