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Full moon in Aquarius asana practice

The full moon in Aquarius happening on August 15th can bring an intense energy and shift. This particular full moon opposes the sun which is in Leo. As the Aquarius is an air sign, this is about mental activity and thinking. The Leo is a fire sign and it rules the heart, so it’s all about passion and living from your heart space. 
Aquarians are great visionaries and can usually see the bigger picture. Due to the cognitive energy from this air sign, sometimes Aquarians can feel emotionally detached or may seems as emotionally detached because they lead more from the mind. Leo on the other hand brings an energy of passion and love. The leo energy is all about power, ambition and creating. When the energies of the two signs combine, we can experience more drive and mental clarity. The leo can also lead from the solar plexus, the energy centre of power in the body, which can also relate to the ego. So during this full moon, we can learn to understand how we are manifesting our personal power, is it through the ego (desire and illusion) or is it from the heart space (passion and pure intention)? 

To create a healthy, harmonious flow between the energies this full moon in Aquarius brings, we can engage in wellness practices that bring clarity to the mind and openness in the physical body so that we can go back to the source, our heart space.  Journaling, walking outdoors, spending time with loved ones or any creative endeavour that empower you to express yourself freely are wonderful ways to channel in this energy. 

Practicing yoga of course can help us towards this harmony and create space in the body and mind so we can feel free to feel, move and create. This warrior sequence involves Warrior I, II, III, reverse warrior and humble warrior. When practicing these asanas, we can feel more empowered and focused, powerful yet humble. These asanas teach us that real strength lies in being patient and in being focused on our path. The warrior provides with a silent strong energy, without needing to be extravagant or loud about this inner strength. The energy of the warrior poses teach us to believe in ourselves and self-worth, but without arrogance or illusion.


Warrior I

From Tadasana, take a step back with your left leg and keep the left foot on a diagonal, slightly inwards. Bend your right knee and bring your torso to face the right leg. Bring your arms up, parallel to one another and palms together. Slightly pull the tummy in, and keep a straight spine. Bring your gaze up towards your palms. 


Warrior II


Reverse warrior


Humble warrior

From warrior II, bring your palms together at the back and lean forward with your upper body, bringing the head towards the inner part of the foot of the bent leg. Bring the arms up at the back to open the shoulders and chest. 


Warrior III

To channel this full moon energy, a moon meditation can also be beneficial. During the evening of the full moon, you can go outside and meditate whilst watching the moon. Lying down or in a comfortable seated position, allow yourself to embrace the energy it vibrates within and around you and to feel more connected to it. When it comes to the sun, we are more eager to be exposed to it because it vibrates light and warmth, but the moon can have a deeper, less bright energy which we might not feel so comfortable with. But we all have these qualities within and connecting with the moon, is like facing yourself from all aspects and surrendering to all.