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7 Tasty easy vegan and gluten-free breakfast ideas

Get your morning culinary inspiration with these 7 tasty easy vegan and gluten free breakfast ideas…

When it comes to breakfast, I cannot resist it. Those who say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, must definitely be Pitta predominant dosh individuals because we love it, need it and plan it from the night before… (slight exaggeration but Pitta predominant people wake up and need their breakfast due to their strong agni). Breakfast is an important meal because it gets us ready for the day and gives us the fuel and energy. Ayurveda’s take on breakfast is the same with all meals – eat only when you are hungry and you have digested the food you have eaten before. If you have quite a slow digestion, Kapha like or sporadic like Vata, always have a glass of warm water with lemon or lime or warm water with fresh ginger when you wake up. This will kickstart your agni (digestive fire).

​If you are looking for some vegan and gluten-free breakfast inspiration, here are 7 delicious ideas to consider:

Buckwheat oats with superfoods and fresh fruit

Buckwheat oats breakfast

Buckwheat oats are super nutritious and filling. They are easy to digest as they contain lots of fibre and protein, providing energy and strength for the day. It is an excellent choice for Kapha predominant dosh individuals as buckwheat is heating so it will give warmth to the agni and it can also absorb some of the excess water. If your agni is balanced and strong, this colourful bowl is suitable for any dosha, in moderate take. For Vata or Pitta dosh if out of balance, I would suggest quinoa instead with some ghee and the fruits.

Gluten-free toast with Tahini, dried blueberries and chia seeds

Tahini toast

​A traditional, quick and substantial breakfast favourite for many, toast with nut butter! Tahini is quite a heavy nut butter, so try not to spread it too thickly, otherwise it may make you feel sluggish and heavy. Serve with dried unsweetened blueberries (or fresh if you have them) and sprinkle some chia seeds.

Super-fuel smoothie bowl

Smoothies are a great choice for Vata and Kapha predominant people as they are easier to digest. One Ayurvedic tip is to try and avoid using ice, in anything in general. Ice basically puts out the agni so it can negatively affect the digestive process. This smoothie bowl has Ashwaghanda in it, which is a very popular widely used Ayurvedic spice known for its many benefits. Ashwanghanda is said to help with anxiety and stress, provide strength in the body and sharpen the memory/boost brain power. It is not advised to have too much of it daily.

Gluten-Free Tofu and salad tortillas

Breakfast tortilla

These tofu and salad tortillas are a delicious breakfast, lunch or brunch meal. Tofu provides a great source of protein, fibre and iron. All you need additionally is fresh tomato and some green salad (although can choose any types of vegetables you enjoy). Dice them, place them in a bowl, with some olive oil and mix together. For the tortilla wraps, place them in an oven train with a small amount of olive oil and let them lightly toast for about 5 minutes/until slightly golden. Take them out and fill them with the mixture of the salad and tofu. There are quite a few gluten-free tortilla varieties available, so find the one most accessible for you.

Avocado, Tomato and
​Basil Toast

Avocado toast

Simple and easy, yet super healthy, Avocado, tomato and basil toast is a favourite for many. I love this combination and I always add a small amount of extra virgin olive oil on top. There are many Gluten-free bread brands out there, so choose the one accessible to you. Avocado is a nourishing food high in healthy fats and lubricating to the intestines. Although it can feel quite heavy for Kapha dosha, in small amount it is ok. Avocado is great for Vata dosha and Pitta. 

Fresh fruit with Tahini
​and green tea

Bananas are a great source of potassium, vitamins and they are very filling, making them a great breakfast choice. Strawberries bring some sweetness to this bowl, which a Pitta dosha and Vata dosha predominant person will love. Tahini contains high amounts of protein and a good source of energy. Although it can be quite heavy, so take small amount for Kapha. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and may help with digestion and with constipation. It provides energy as it has caffeine, and it is a suitable tea for Kapha dosha. For Vata dosha, I suggest rosemary tea or Ginger tea instead.

Almond yoghurt with banana, blueberries and seeds

Almond yoghurt with fresh fruits breakfast

There is a rule in Ayurvedic food mixing, that we should avoid mixing fruits and dairy together. So going for a plant based yoghurt, such as almond or coconut, can be a suitable alternative and it is also tasty. Blueberries are such an amazing fruit full of vitamins, antioxidants and great for the skin. In this bowl I added a mix of flaxseeds, chia seeds and hemp seeds. Although you can add others such as pumpkin seeds (great for Pitta dosha), nuts (great for Vata dosha).