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3 Ways to welcome this new month feeling good, focused and strong

Welcome the new month feeling good, focused and strong.

March has arrived with plenty of good energy and productivity. Every month has its own vibe and if we are in tune with nature, we can feel inspired to follow its natural cycles which helps us to flow with the rhythm of life.

The full moon of this month is in Virgo, the sign of productivity, strategy and structure. This means that we can all take the opportunity to focus on taking action and making good things happen. The special aspect about the Virgo energy is that structure is key. And from the yoga philosophy, we also learn that we must be consistent in our practice, whatever this may be.

Here are some ways to make the most of this month.

This month is more about setting a clear strategy to take action towards living our life authentically. It is not so much about dreaming of this, and being creative but more about using our logic to how we can bring anything into manifestation. The Universe and Divine source will always support us, but we must do the work. Being open to receive is not about doing nothing and “trusting what is meant for me will come”. We need to work together with the universal source, therefore we need to be active wit it, and we will know it is the right aspect for us because things will start falling into place.

To set out a strategy, it might help to write down 3- 5 things that you can do daily to help you focus on what you are inspired to make happen.

​A simple example can be developing a healthier sleeping routine. So the strategy/five steps could be having dinner earlier, no phone or tech devices one hour before sleep, having a calming cup of tea an hour before bed, reading your book for 30 minutes, mantra or meditation right before sleep. This is just an example so you get an idea of the strategy and 5 steps process. But it can be anything that you want to manifest, such as a new job, healthier eating, learning a new skill, etc and following the same procedure.

For making something happen, it requires our devoted attention. This means that we need to focus on this aspect. The strategy will not do anything if we are not focusing on whatever it is that we want to create. What helps is to acknowledge your intention, why do you want to bring this aspect into your life. This “why” is the internal fire that keeps burning strong and gives us determination.

​Teach your mind to be strong and focused by practicing dharana/dhyana daily. Deep concentration practices (dharana) lead to meditation (dhyana) so this month, introduce a time everyday when for a specific period of time (whatever is suitable) you sit down in a quiet space and focus on an object. The object of your focus can be your intention, or an affirmation or it can be any random object. Dharana helps us to make our mind strong and sharp and to develop will power. Daily practice of this will soon turn into a habit and it will naturally become part of your daily routine.

Finally learn to work smart and efficiently. Although there are many strategies available about how to work smarter, I think it’s important to acknowledge (in my opinion at least) that this is different for everybody. Our temperaments/personalities and Ayurvedic dosha constitutions all influence how we best make use of our time and our productivity levels. So find what helps you to be productive and break away from patterns of procrastination.

And whatever it is that you want to bring into manifestation, learn to enjoy the process and trust in Divine time/the Universe, whatever it is for you. Because it may take time and a lot of effort, but if we enjoy what we are doing, focus on our intention and trust that we are Divinely supported, then we put out a frequency of openness and certainty, and not of desperation and fear.