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3 ways to practice gratitude everyday

Learn how to start practicing gratitude with these 3 helpful ways to practice gratitude everyday.

Gratitude is an important part of our life. Everyday life gives us many gifts, some are more familiar and others are new. Some are bigger and others maybe smaller, but all come with great significance.

Often we can get trapped in the mindset of continuous desire, usually for material aspects. What some consider blessings, others might see as challenges. We look at what other people have and desire that same life, yet we fail to see just how rich and blessed our own life is. We often expect to receive something more directly, without realising that everyday we do indeed already have so much from life.

So if you are stuck on what to feel grateful for, look at what you already have. If you have a roof over your head, a bed, warm/hot water to shower and clean yourself, clean drinking water to keep hydrated, food to eat, clothes to keep you warm or cool (depending on the weather) then you are already blessed by life. Your basic needs are met and this is something to say thank you for everyday.

If you have at least one person in your life who loves you and supports you, then this is something to say thank you for.

If you have work to do, to contribute to the world, regardless if it’s your dream job or not, this is something to be thankful for. Being of service is what we are here to do and having the opportunity to contribute to the world is something to be thankful for.

Of course, then come the grand gestures of life. Such as a beautiful new relationship, a financial win, gifts from others and so on. But we don’t have to wait for these to realise just how many aspects we can be thankful for everyday.

When you say thank you for anything, you confirm that you have that already in your life. And the frequency of this means that you are living in abundance. When we desire, the message we send out is that we are “in lack of something”. But when we are thankful, it means we are blessed with the gifts of life, and the more open we are, the more we receive.

Here are 3 ways to help you start practicing everyday.

Everyday write down at least 5 aspects you are grateful for. For this, it is helpful to have a notebook, referred to as a “gratitude journal”. Keep this only for writing gratitude prompts. Whenever you are feeling in lack, you can open this journal and see just how many blessings you have, just how much you receive every day.

Every morning, when you wake up and before you get out of bed, say thank you. Give thanks for anything (your bed, your health, your pet, your home, your partner next to you etc). Whatever it is that comes to your mind, start your day with a heart full of gratitude. Do this everyday, and you will see a beautiful change.

Sometimes gratitude comes in the form of giving to others. When we do so, it means we have something to give. Therefore, we have plentiful in our life, that we can even share with others. And this is always something to be grateful for.