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3 Ingredients relaxing DIY body exfoliator

A lovely skin treat with this 3 ingredients relaxing DIY body exfoliator.

​I’ve been making my own body exfoliation/scrubs for a long time. I know there are many great products out there, but I love the idea of customising my weekly exfoliation routine based on how I feel. In general, I use raw brown sugar as my base ingredient and then I add a carrier oil (usually coconut, sesame or almond) and one or more essential oils.

This particular one I’ve been making feels so nourishing for the skin and delicate. My skin looks so hydrated, soft and radiant straight after I apply this exfoliator. I have quite a few essential oils, although recently I have really enjoyed Palmarosa. It’s so powerful yet soft, and I find it quite a feminine fragrance, so it may help us women get in touch with our patient, gentle and receptive energy.

Palmarosa is a tropical grass from India, similar to lemongrass, but with a strong rose like scent. As an essential oil it comes with so many great benefits for the skin, the muscles and the mind. It may help to relieve muscle soreness, physical and mental fatigue. In my opinion, it can also be a suitable choice when focusing on Anahata (the heart chakra) as one of its benefits is said to help balance emotions and stress relief.

Palmarosa is known as a popular ingredient used in skin care products as it is said to nourish the skin and reinvigorate skin cells as well as having an anti-ageing effect. With its deep cleansing quality, it might also be helpful when treating some skin conditions which may be suitable for Pitta dosha individuals also.

For this relaxing and nourishing body exfoliator, I used these 3 ingredients:
Raw brown sugar (2-3 tsps)
Coconut oil (20-30ml)
Palmarosa essential oil (10 drops max)

Mix them all together in a small dish or cup until the oils are absorbed in the sugar. It should become a little bit of a thick scrub like paste.

I apply this all over the body in the shower and rub gently in most areas in circular movement. Once I have applied it all over the body, I let it sit on the skin for about 5minutes then I wash it off. To remove the excess oil from the skin, I then wash my skin with soap and then rinse again. If you do this before bed time, the water can be on the hotter side because this will help relax the muscles even more which can help with a good night’s sleep.

I always use a light natural moisturiser after just to nourish the skin a little more and it feels amazing:

*Please check with your doctor first if you are pregnant because some essential oils are not suitable during pregnancy. Whenever using essential oils, I suggest to always mix it with a carrier oil and make sure it is suitable for your skin (if you are not allergic to any etc).