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3 characteristics successful women have

I’ve always had my heart set on being a career woman. When my school friends would discuss their dreams of meeting prince charming, I was too busy visualising what it would one day be like to have my own office, create business deals and attend conferences. I would definitely be more of a Miranda mixed with a little bit of Carrie. I have never really devoted too much of my time to finding love. My journey is guiding me towards what I need to achieve in life and fulfil my purpose, which has always been to be professionally established and personally self-aware. Looking back to my younger self, I have never really stopped dreaming about finding success. It just never occurred to me that this is even an option. Dreaming BIG has never really been an issue and hard work rarely stopped me. Ambition and drive from within have always pushed me and continue to do so. The steps to victory

 can sometimes feel unattainable and fear of failure can definitely influence us towards it. But realizing that you can accomplish your ideas and goals is the first and most important thing you must always remember. Once you figured out a way to express in actions what your are mentally visualizing, you are on your way. Part of being succesfull is about overcoming the obstacles which once tried to get in your way. Defeating stress, anxiety, fear and self-doubt already make you a winner. The journey you take towards where you want to end up is the true meaning of success. 
Here are the three key things successful women have learned to master:

1. Be confident in your own abilities
A successful woman is aware of what she knows, and what she doesn’t, she will learn. She is comfortable with herself to explore new things, knowing that she has the ability to succeed at everything she does. People who want to do well in life, know it’s important to believe in themselves. Confidence comes with life experience, from a lot of hard work, developing different skills and learning new things which will all aid towards victory. If you trust that you have what it takes, you most likely do and are able to put this into practice in the best possible way. As Henry For once said: “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right!”. 

2. No FOMO
Fear of missing out is a factor that many women let themselves distracted by. Whilst sometimes we want to be part of all the fun, at some point we do need to make a decision towards what will be more valuable for our self-development. Ask yourself, what is more important to you? Is it joining others on their journey or is it about creating your own? This doesn’t mean you have to ignore your friends, you just have to create some balance in your life so that it allows you to stay focused on what you want. If you are working towards something that will get you closer to the BIG picture, then you are not really missing out on anything. If fact you are probably doing exactly what you are supposed to in that particular moment in time. 

3. Keep humble
Whilst confidence and self-assurance are both vital characteristics towards success, so is modesty. Pride will get you nowhere and arrogance will eventually get in the way of your overall success destination. Of course you have to appreciate what you accomplish and give yourself a pat on the back for all your hard work, but remember to stay humble. Share your success with the world and if you can inspire others that’s even better, but don’t let it get to your head. There is always space for improvement, no matter how successful you have become. ​We can never know too much especially in a world where everything changes constantly. Stay on top of your game and don’t get distracted by constantly boosting your amazing abilities. Richard Branson once said that you must always celebrate your success but with that, you should always up your game and push yourself even further. Stay focused, be fearless and have fun whilst you’re doing it.