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Gratitude is something we can all experience. Being thankful creates a positive energy in your life which vibrates so strongly that it can also do so for others. In life we often take the approach of “The grass is always greener on the other side” but have we really stopped to look at our own garden and how beautifully it can blossom if we gave it the attention, love and kindness? This December, start reflecting on what you are grateful for. Once you start with a few aspects, you will realise just how many others will come to your mind. Shifting your mind to a more positive type of thinking will unconsciously bring more of the same energy into your life. December is the most powerful month to do so, as we approach the end of one year and get ready to start fresh for the next.

Here are 20 reminders of what you can be grateful for:

  1. I am grateful to my mind for being so curious;
  2. I am grateful to my soul for being so brave;
  3. I am grateful to my eyes for seeing this beautiful universe;
  4. I am grateful to my heart for giving and receiving love;
  5. I am grateful to my voice for speaking my truth;
  6. I am grateful to my ears for teaching me to listen;
  7. I am grateful to my body for keeping me active;
  8. I am grateful to my feet for taking me around this beautiful world;
  9. I am grateful to the beautiful souls who support me;
  10. I am grateful to those who have come to teach me a hard lesson;
  11. I am grateful to the people who have or continue to help me;
  12. I am grateful to all living beings for teaching me compassion;
  13. I am grateful to the nature for keeping me humble;
  14. I am grateful to the sun for bringing light and warmth into my life;
  15. I am grateful for the moon for helping me see the light in darkness;
  16. I am grateful for the food that keeps me going;
  17. I am grateful to be free to choose;
  18. I am grateful to the chaos for helping me appreciate the calm;
  19. I am grateful for my whole existence;
  20. I am grateful to this beautiful universe for being my home.