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Yoga postures for healthy digestion

When it comes to healthy digestion, what we put in our body as well as how we move play an important role. Aside from having a balanced diet, enough daily water intake and good sleeping habits, physical movement and exercise are also necessary. 
Yoga comes with many physical and therapeutic benefits, and one is certainly healthy digestion. Specific asanas stimulate the digestive organs, which lead to better functioning of these. 
Whilst there are many yoga postures that benefit a healthier digestion, here are my top 7:


Ardha Matsyendrasana

Ardha Matsyendrasana cleanses of the internal organs as well as stimulates the digestive organs. It is a great asana to practice before taking food and it energises the body. 



As one of the main fundational asanas in Hatha yoga, Trikonasana comes with so many benefits. When it comes to digestion, it helps to tone the abdomen, strengthening the abdominal muscles. It also massages the digestive organs. 



This great back bending posture, dhanurasana opens the chest, promoting deeper breathing. Through this, the internal organs receive enough oxygen to function efficiently. The way we breath can have an impact on digestion, and dhanurasana helps regulate the breath. Being in a prone position, it also provides a good massage for the stomach and the digestive organs. 



The actual position of Malasana is physically considered by many the correct one when it comes to elimination of bowels. This posture helps with constipation or disruptive bowel movement. 



I call these two the dream asana team as together they come with so many benefits. The dynamic movement of flexion and extension of the spine provides can help cleanse the digestive tract. The digestive organs are also stimulated during these two asanas. 


Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

Like dhanurasana, setu bandha sarvangasana is a back bending asana which stretches the digestive organs and opens the chest, for deeper breathing. This is another great one to do before taking food, creating a good stretch and movement from the neck to the pelvis.