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Why is this October so special and how can you make the most of it

Every start of a new month gives us the space to begin something new. Of course we don’t need to wait until this to do so, but it is a bonus when we align with the cycles of the year. This October is a little extra special numerology wise because it starts with very powerful numbers. This morning I could feel the expansive energy all around. It is feeling of creative expansion, lightness and ease, most importantly, the inspiration to enjoy and be grateful for this moment, right here and now.


The number 1 is a symbol of freedom, confidence, action and new beginnings. 10 can be looked at as the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. 22 is known as a master angel number and it is said to bring good fortune. But to attract this, we must be in that energy field. So it is all about being present and making the most of where we are right now.

We often rush towards the future, to something new, craving for what is to come but we rarely pause to let ourselves really be part of all that is in the moment. This month, try to realise that where you are now, is exactly where you are meant to be in this moment. Even if you are not experiencing something that you want, trust in Divine reason. I always believe in synchronicities and that whatever we have been given from life it is because we need to experience that. Maybe it is because we need to learn something (like patience, forgiveness, become stronger or more open etc); maybe it is to push us towards something new; maybe it is because it is something that we once wanted but forgot about it or realise it is not for our highest good after all. Whatever it is, try to find a reason (or more) to be grateful for what it is that you have and where you are now. The law of abundance only works if we are grateful for what we have. The more thankful we are, the more abundance comes because we are in that energy field and the Divine power of the Universe only works on vibration.

When we are clear about this, then we experience contentment or as we know from Yoga Philosophy, Santosha. From this space, we can easily end cycles because we are in good spirit and joyful state. We are not bound by fear to let go, but open to acceptance and surrender. Decisions from desperation are usually made in fear, which creates even more of it. So whatever cycle is coming to an end, allow it. Find a way to open your heart, to forgive and to forget but from a space of acceptance and love; to be grateful for it even if it wasn’t so pleasant. The Universe only gives us what we can handle, so trust you are strong enough for it.

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Finally, the best part of this October is inviting the energy of the new. A big change is not necessary in order to experience newness. Just by simply becoming more relaxed, trusting and adaptable to the flow of life, we can create brand new experiences for ourselves. Whatever it is your inner wisdom takes you towards, let it.

During this month, it is useful to practice meditation to cleanse the mind; pranayama and breathing exercises to expand the prana and relax the mind. To learn a new skill to help you the freedom that comes when you step out of your comfort zone. And focusing on hobbies that maybe you have not prioritised for some time. Focus on finding that spark of joy for your life; on eating nourishing and wholesome meals, on spending time with quality people who are supportive, loving and optimistic.

Remember and affirm to yourself:
​”I am the artist of my life and I can create the life I want to live. From this moment on, everything is possible”.