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Juices to balance your Ayurveda dosha

Freshly squeezed juices are a great and effective way to feed our body with the vitamins and nutrients. Knowing which fruits and vegetables are best suited for our predominant Ayurveda dosha can benefit our overall wellness and aid to a healthier digestion. 

Nourishing and warming

Vegetables and fruits such as beetroot, peaches, bananas and plums with ginger and lemon will provide Vata dosha predominant individuals with nourishing and warmth to their digestion. The qualities of these ingredients are well suited for the Vata dosha, and they provide vitamins and warmth to digestion. These are beneficial for their bones and strengthening the immune system, which Vatas can experience problems with.

Cooling and refreshing

Cooling juices like cucumber, watermelon, sweet apple these are refreshing for a Pitta dosha. Pittas usually prefer food over juices any day, due to their very strong digestion. A watermelon juice can provide Pitta predominant individuals with a refreshing feeling and cooling to the body and internal organs. Watermelon also contains vitamin C, which is important for all.

Green & detoxifying 

Celery, spinach and other greens will provide Kapha predominant people with a healthy dose of vitamins and lighteness. Celery is a great antioxidant and cleansing vegetable, which will be good for the slow and heavy Kapha digestion. Ginger is also useful to be added for Kapha dosha to help with digestion.