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How to succeed at everything you do

Have you ever felt that deep burning desire within you to do something great? You felt it everywhere, in your bones, in your flesh; your mind would be pumping with ideas of what you could do, your heart would beat faster because you know how it would feel to be amazing at something, to create, to elevate! Have you ever felt that?
My guess is you have. Everybody in this world is born to fulfill a purpose. And life is all about finding our purpose. Some people are lucky enough to do so earlier, whilst others have to go through their journey deeper to truly understand what they are meant to be doing. The point is that we all have at least one unique gift or talent that belongs to us only. It is an important part of our existence. The good news is that we can develop our potential pretty early on in life. The bad news is that not all of us use it further on. 

So many people have all the right tools to succeed in life, but they just don’t know how to use them. Their strenght turns into an uncontrollable weakness where they are no longer feeling in control of their own lives. All that they once thought they could do, feels like a long lost dream. But the tools will always be there and it’s a matter of breaking your liming belief patterns and making way for the unknown. You have to learn to trust yourself enough to know you can accomplish anything you want to. 

Now the real work begins. How do I get to where I want to be? This is the moment when you should start thinking about what exactly you want to do and where you want to end up. This is what separates the world’s greatest from the rest. They figure out pretty quickly what they are good at and start visualising how to get even better at it. The first most important step towards greateness is to discover what you are good at and how you can get even better at it. How you do this is by beginning to focus on where you want to be and then assess how your skills and talents can be used to take you there. You have acknowledged that you are capable of achieving it, so how far do you want to take it? Visualising your end result is like finding that key that unlocks the main door to unleashing your potential. Picture the setting, feel it as if you already have it, know what it looks like, even give it a smell. Train your unconscious mind to start working for it. Look at point B (where you want to be) and then see point A (where you are now). If there were no external factors, how would you get there? What are main steps you would take?

Once you’ve established your destination, you must be fearless in your execution. You can do this by keeping your vision every moment of everyday and take small steps towards it. Let yourself become more empowered by starting to live your desires. Be fearless in how you get there, if it was easy everyone would be there already. Fear is simply a state where your brain recognises a new situation that could potentially feel uncomfortable at first. Remember, there is a reason why some people get to their success whilst others stop before the finish line. Whatever comes their way, they push through because all they see is their target. This fearlessness should come to you naturally if you do your visualizing work correctly. If you imagined point B long enough, you will have developed a complete unstopable force to get there. And whatever comes in your way, just take a moment and know it’s not a road block, but simply a temporary pause you need to overcome. Find your real power, and once you do that, nothing can stop you. 

The great Steve Jobs once said that “You have to have a lot of passion for what you are doing because it is so hard, any rational person would give up”. You must be completely passionate about your goal and where you want to end up, because without that, you may be setting yourself up for failure. With passion, there comes enjoyment. There will be moments where your fearlesness will give in so you’ll need to find ways to keep pushing through. Fun is very important. You need to understand that it is as much about the journey as it is about the destination. Those steps you need to take in order to get to where you want to get to are what make it so worthwile. You won’t realise it at the beginning of your journey, but those steps will make you grow stronger, make your vision even bigger and they will open new opportunities for you to give you even more to focus on. Enjoy the process, learn from the failures and remember to laugh and keep positive.