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4 Relaxing Yoga asanas to practice before sleep

Relax with these 4 beautiful yoga asanas to practice before sleep.

​Sleeping well is so important for our overall wellbeing. When we get a good night quality sleep, we naturally wake up feeling more calm, balanced and ready for the day. Practicing some gentle or restorative yoga asanas can help to calm the mind and create a harmonious state between body, breath and mind.

It is important that before we sleep we let go of any mental and physical tension accumulated through the day. Doing so, means that we free ourselves from what we hold onto and take our sleep journey in a tranquil way. This can be done in different ways, asana is one of them. The following four asanas can be practiced in bed using pillows instead of the bolster. Putting on some calming music can help with setting a peaceful atmosphere. Candles or lavender incense sticks can also create a serene experience of tranquility and beautiful scent.



Frog pose known as Mandukasa is a wonderful asana to release any physical tension from the inner thighs and let go of any emotions that we might be holding onto. It is part of Swadisthana, the sacral chakra, which is the energy channel of pleasure of all kinds, particularly feeling joyfulness for life and activating our creativity amongst many other benefits. Practicing Mandukasana before sleep allows us to free our body and mind of stagnant emotions and rest joyfully during the night. Practice this with a pillow or two under your chest and hold for up to 5 minutes or as it feels good for you. Melt the heart space into the pillows and allow the asana to gently unfold.


Supta Hasta Padangusthasana

Practicing reclined hand to foot pose releases tension from the hamstrings and calves, both being part of Muladhara, the root chakra. This is the energy channel of the root chakra, our centre of stability, grounding and feeling safe in the world. This asana helps to relax the mind and boosts blood and prana circulation in the legs which is usually helpful before sleep. It is beat to practice it with a strap and keeping the foot slightly active, but not forcefully so that it is more gentle. If you have any back pain or discomfort, bend the knee slightly. Practice on each leg for 2-3 minutes each.


Supta Matsyendrasana

This beautiful reclined spinal twist provides a gentle stretch to the spine and helps to boost the samana prana (prana of digestion) and the prana in the chest and shoulders area. It stimulates the digestive organs which can help the digestive organs process our food so that bowel movement is regular in the morning. The spine is the main pathway of communication between the brain and the body, so clearing away any physical tension and stagnant energy from it will free the mind of too much chatter. Practice on each leg for 2-3 minutes each keeping both shoulders on the mat or the bed.


Supta Virasana

This restorative variation of reclined hero pose opens the chest and shoulders, both areas of the heart chakra. Focusing on Anahata, we open our heart to what is in the present moment, surrendering to a peaceful state and embracing the feeling of love, always part of us. Supta Virasana provides a gentle stretch to the quadriceps, the front upper thighs muscles which, like the hamstrings, can accumulate plenty of tension through the day. Practice for 5 minutes or as it feels good for you and focus on deep breathing and melting the body onto the bolster or pillows.