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6 Ayurvedic morning wellness practices

Learn about 6 popular Ayurvedic morning wellness practices.

​Make your mornings extra special with these 6 morning Ayurvedic practices to boost overall wellness. Ayurveda provides us so much wisdom on living life in a balanced way, according to the cycles and flow of nature. Ayurveda looks at the health of the body in a holistic approach, including wellbeing of the body, mind (the senses) & the soul. This includes proper functioning of our organs, mental clarity/calm and being joyful as we navigate through life with a sense of purpose and service.

The way we start our mornings has a big impact on our wellness and plays an important role for the rest of the day. Habits that provide our body and mind with nourishment are favoured because if we feel good, then we can function at an optimum level.


Dry body brushing

This is a beautiful way to look after our skin. Dry body brushing helps to remove dead skin cells and softens the skin. It may also improve blood circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system. Practice dry body brushing before taking a shower by brushing the skin in upward movement gently, all over the body, not the face. Self-Abhyanga can be done afterwards. Otherwise ensure that after taking a shower, moisturise the skin.


Self-Abhyanga oil

Daily oil application on the body and face is a key Ayurvedic practice not only for the the skin but the overall wellness of the body. Self-Abhyanga is a self-massage technique using warm oil and applying it in upward moving strokes all over the body; around the joints we can make a few circular movements ensuring that the oil is applied over the bones and joints well so that it can be absorbed for lubrication. Self-Abhyanga not only nourishes our skin and gives it a beautiful softness and glow, but it is also beneficial for our mental health. It is a form of self-love/self-care, almost like giving ourselves a warming, loving hug. On the face avoid heating the oil if possible as in general we try not to apply any heat directly to the face and head. Leave it on for a while (one hour or more) then wash it off preferably with natural/organic soap, without any chemicals.


The tongue is an important organ that is part of the digestive functioning. It is the first place where the food reaches the body, and through which the sense of taste is activated. The tongue can give us an indication if there is an imbalance by observing its coating. Tongue scraping helps us to keep it clean of any food particles or undigested food by removing the coating of the tongue. This can be done in the morning and nighttime, daily. Using the copper tongue scraper, gently remove that tongue coating by scraping outwards (towards the lips) a few times. Rinse the scraper every time you scrape then ensure you wash it really well and dry it when you finish.

Tongue scraping Ayurveda


Coconut oil mouthwash is a well-known practice of Ayurveda for oral care. Coconut oil is known for its cleansing and antibacterial properties. It has a cooling quality which may also help inflammation in the mouth (aggravated Pita). Sesame oil can also be used. Take a small amount of oil ideally before brushing and scraping the tongue and rinse the mouth well for 5-20minutes. If using coconut oil, remove it in the rubbish, not in the sink because it can block/clog the sink due to it going solid after sometimes.


Lemon water

In Ayurveda, the drinking water should always be at room temperature or warmer (not hot or cold) so that it kindles the agni (digestive fire). In the morning time, drinking warm water with lemon may stimulate digestion by supporting the agni heat. It can also help to cleanse the digestive organs.


Sage smudging

Ayurveda considers good health not only as proper functions of the body and mind/senses but also looking after the soul. This means that we need always look after our energy, to protect it but also to ensure we always give out good energy. Sage is known as a plant used for energy cleansing for hundreds of years as practiced by healers. Sage may remove bacteria as well as cleanse a space. We can do sage smudging every morning around the house and the body, particularly at the top of the head, face, hands and soles of the feet.