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100 hours Yin yoga and guided meditation instructor training

Expert tip: This is one of the most popular trainings offered in Greece.

Aegialis school of yoga welcomes you to explore a more gentle approach of the yoga asana practice with this 100 hours Yin Yoga instructor and guided meditation training. This is a combined training where you will learn how to lead Yin Yoga classes and also how to lead guided meditations.

Set on the magical Amorgos island, Greece you will no doubt feel the beautiful energy and be inspired to learn, surrounded by nature and the Aegean sea. This is a 10 days training program where you will study in detail the fundamentals of yin yoga and how to safely teach yin yoga classes. Yin yoga postures will be studied and practiced in detail, taking in consideration modifications, contraindications and of course the benefits of each of the postures. By the end of this training, you will be able to structure your yin yoga sequences and be able to provide a balanced and complete yin yoga class. There will be daily pranayama and meditation sessions where you can learn to develop consistency in the yogic breathing techniques and focusing the mind. We will go through the definition of meditation from a yoga philosophy standpoint and we will also study and practice various techniques of concentration/meditation, so that you can learn how to guide a meditation session. In this training, you will be introduced briefly to the foundation of hatha yoga so that you have a clear understanding that yin yoga is not a separate practice, but a complimentary practice of hatha yoga.

Course Highlights

  • Study and practice of the yin yoga asanas with a specific focus on benefits, alignment and contraindications
  • Introduction to hatha yoga definition and yin yoga definition, to be able to identify the place of yin yoga in the yoga practice
  • Introduction to yin yoga and the yin yoga principles
  • Introduction to meditation and the definitions of it
  • Study and practice of different concentration techniques
  • Introduction to Yoga Nidra 
  • Study and practice of pranayama 
  • Daily meditation sessions, yoga nidra and asana practice
  • Learn how to sequence yin yoga classes 
  • Introduction to anatomy and the body systems
  • Introduction to stretching and fascia
  • Teaching ethics for yin yoga


  • Beginners
  • Intermediate

Types of Yoga

  • Yin yoga
  • Restorative yoga
  • Yoga nidra

Instruction language

A basic level of the English language is required

Meet your teachers

Miriam, Stamatis
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Extra activities

During your time at Aegialis school of yoga, you will also explore the beauty of Amorgos island with planned guided activities such as hiking in the mountains with a walking meditation in nature; a guided island tour to the island’s most iconic sights and an introduction into the famous herbs of the island.

There is no pre-reading required for this training. This training is suitable for all levels students and you will learn a lot here. Modifications are also taught to suit the students. This is an intensive 100 hours course, with lots of physical/asana practice and a full schedule including theory lessons. It is not a relaxing retreat experience, but an educational training. An overall balanced state of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is needed. This training is not suitable during pregnancy or if you have any injuries.


The Sea Rock is the latest concept by Aegialis Hotel & Spa, a beautiful private villa located footsteps from the sea and a short walk away from the quaint town of Aegiali Bay. Wake up to breathtaking views of the Big Blue, take a dip in the private pool and enjoy the good energy of the Amorgian sun. The Sea Rock offers privacy and quiet, a space where you can really allow yourself to be free, to relax, recharge and reconnect with yourself. The yoga shala is a futuristic geodesic dome (100 square meters) fully equipped that has been custom made on the property, spacious with plenty of light and sea view.

What’s included

  • 10 days accommodation at the SeaRock villa
  • Yin yoga manual 
  • Goody bag
  • Guided meditation manual/workbook
  • Daily 3 meals (please note the menu is vegetarian and vegan only)
  • Herbal tea and water
  • ½ hour relaxation massage
  • Complementary use of the outdoor pool
  • Bus island tour 
  • Transfers to the SeaRock villa from Amorgos port
  • Transfers to the port from the SeaRock villa
  • Certificate upon successful completion


6:30am – 7:10am: Meditation/pranayama
7:10am – 7:30am: Tea and fruit
7:30m – 9:00am: Yin yoga practice
9:00am – 10:30am: Breakfast
11:00am – 13:00: Theory & practical class sessions
13:00 – 13:30: Group discussion
13:30 – 14:30: Lunch
14:30 – 15:00: Break/personal time
15:00 – 17:30: Practical class sessions/Anatomy and physiology
17:30 – 17:45: Break
17:45 – 18.45: Practical class/Meditation
19:00 – 20:30: Dinner
20:30 – 22:00: Personal time
22:00: Sleep

This training is suited for beginners, intermediate and advanced level yoga students and/or teachers who wish to teach yin yoga safely and be able to guide meditation sessions.

** Upon successful completion of this course, the students are eligible to receive their Yoga Alliance International “Yin Yoga Instructor and guided meditation” certification which allows them to teach yin yoga internationally and as well as a certificate of completion from Aegialis School of Yoga.

* * This certification is a qualification to teach Yin Yoga classes and guided meditation styles taught in the training. This does not qualify you as a yoga teacher of any other styles of asana practice other than Yin Yoga.

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Are you ready to start your yoga teaching career?
A life changing yoga experience awaits you in the spiritual island of Amorgos.


Miriam Indries

Lead yoga teacher

Miriam Indries is an internationally certified E-RYT 500 & Ε-CYT 500, YACEP yoga teacher trainer. Known for her inspirational & intuitive teaching style with a deep focus on yoga philosophy, she has trained hundreds of individuals in becoming yoga teachers. Miriam is the trainings creator and lead teacher at Ayoga, leading yoga teacher trainings all year around. With many years of teaching experience, she has acquired just under 10,000 teaching hours, has been nominated for “Favourite yoga teacher award”, by Om Yoga Magazine, featured on the cover and has been published in many international publications including Yoga Journal, Yoga Magazine, Om yoga magazine and Mantra wellness.

She is devoted to her mission and service of sharing the yoga philosophy through her teachings. Interested in the holistic wellness field, Miriam studied Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga and qualified as an Ayurveda Practitioner, completing her Certification as an Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant and then graduating with a Diploma in Ayurveda and Panchakarma. Additionally, she has academic qualifications in Psychology (B.A) and certification in NLP (neuro linguistic programming), focusing on behaviour techniques and strategies for self-development. 

She is devoted to the wisdom and teachings of yoga both in her personal and professional life and continues to remain open to being a student of life.


Business & Marketing

Stamatis Giannakopoulos is the general manager of Aegialis Hotel & Spa and the director of Aegialis School of Yoga. Growing up in the USA, Stamatis graduated in Boston with a Hotel and Restaurant management degree. Shortly after, he moved back to his country of birth, Greece and settled in Amorgos island. Being a place known for its high terrestrial magnetism and also where his family is from, Amorgos island became a hidden treasure for the yoga community worldwide as Stamatis and his family created Aegialis Hotel. 

His enthusiasm for yoga and wellness has always been inspired by following his vision to create a greater good for the world. As a savvy businessman and passionate yoga practitioner, Stamatis runs Aegialis, one of the most popular yoga retreat destinations in the world, hosting over 100 groups every year. He has devoted the last 15 years of his life to develop the hotel as an oasis of peace and tranquility, for yoga enthusiasts all over the world. Stamatis is a skilled violin player and has graduated with a conservatory diploma in Violin.


Laura Schillmoller
Laura Schillmoller
Student From Germany
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It was an unbelievably great teacher training and I can hardly wait to be there for further trainings (e.g. the 300h teacher training). The teacher is really great and manages to exemplify the yoga philosophy and at the same time to be firmly anchored in the "modern" world. A very inspiring person! I really enjoyed the asana classes and meditations. I learned so much and was able to build up a lot of physical strength and flexibility in the 3 weeks. The course content was very well structured and built on each other very well. I thought it was great that a lot of emphasis was placed on the philosophy. The island and the location of the hotel are an absolute dream! Every day the view of the sea and the opportunity for a short break at the beach. Just great! The food was really great too. Very versatile, very healthy and something for everyone. With learning content on Ayurveda and food meditations, the meal became a new experience 🙂 The hotel and the staff were very special for me. Beautiful rooms, great shalas, a great spa area. Very modern, clean, cozy and on a very high level! From experience, one often expects a large 5 star hotel to be impersonal. Not applicable here! The hotel is a family business. The family is so nice, warm and authentic. The staff were always super friendly, funny and in a good mood. It made you feel at home!
Claire Huss
Claire Huss
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My 200 hours teacher training at Aegialis school of yoga in Amorgos was one of the best experiences of my life and joining this course was surely the best decision I have ever made. It is life changing, physically, mentally and spiritually. The content of the teacher training was perfect, a nice balance between asana practice and theory (philosophy and anatomy). The stunning island of Amorgos and the facilities made everything even better, the hotel is amazing, beautiful rooms and spa, such a peaceful place with the kindest staff. The views are breathtaking everywhere and the food, vegetarian based, is also great. I am eternally grateful to Miriam, the primary teacher, I learned so much from her. She is truly amazing ! Thanks to her I learned so much more about yoga but also about myself. Another huge thanks to the Aegialis Hotel and Spa family who made me feel at home during the whole course. You are part of my heart forever.
Andrea Steinberger
Andrea Steinberger
Student from Germany
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As I know and love the island of Amorgos for a very long time, for me there couldn't have been a better place to do the training. From the first moment I really enjoyed every single minute. The training was excellent! Challenging and extremely educational on a wonderful way which is absolutely enriching. The training not only teaches you excellently to become a yoga teacher, but it also provides a deep experience for yourself. One of the most important experiences in my life. The extremely friendly and patient nature of Miriam, who is an absolutely passionated and wonderful yoga teacher, was besides the very interesting content and her so nice way of teaching practically as theoretically, the most valuable thing in the entire training! Thank you so much again for every thing you gave to and shared with us. The hotel is an island within the island. It's own little cosmos, in which you feel safe and just good. It is a family business run by a very personable and hospitable family. We were served with delicious vegetarian food, prepared from fresh vegetables from the hotel's own gardens. The entire team was extremely friendly and always took care of our well-being. Thanks again to all of you! The island of Amorgos itself is a treasure in the Aegean Sea. Fantastic and beautiful! Untouched nature and deep turquoise-green-blue sea as far as your eyes can see. This pleasure is rounded off with the wonderful sounds of nature, such as the sound of the sea, singing winds and animal sounds.
Tanja Nagel
Tanja Nagel
Student from Austria
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The Yoga Teacher Training with Aegialis School of Yoga was one of the best decisions in my life so far. I learned so much, not only about yoga, also about myself. Amorgos is a beautiful calm island with such a good energy. I felt super safe during the whole time at Aegialis hotel and Spa and the facilities there are so nice and not to forget the breathtaking views. Also the food (vegetarian meals) is delicious. All teachers did a real good job and taught us a lot. I'm beyond grateful for Miriam, the primary teacher. I felt perfectly guided from day one and she knows so much about yoga, the yoga philosophy, asanas, yogic diet and much more, and she shared all her knowledge with us. A huge thanks also to the whole Aegialis Hotel team, you all made this experience super special and always gave me the feeling to be part of your family, which is just amazing!
Penkauskaite Ruta
Penkauskaite Ruta
Student from Lithuania
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So many hotels worldwide are doing similar retreats but usually people leave disappointed because of the quality, hygiene or the results... For anyone interested in Yoga retreat, teaching & training with an official certificate of 200h training, where everything is perfect from the dietary food ( which is organically grown in the hotel territory ) to the highest quality training & atmosphere- I wanted to HIGHLY recommend Aegiali in Amorgos Island, It was the best decision & Investment I have ever made!!!
Sophie Heintzmann
Sophie Heintzmann
Student from France
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The whole experience was amazing, without a doubt one of the best and most life changing I have had so far. Aegialis Hotel and Spa is a wonderful place. The island is the main reason why I came, Amorgos is so peaceful and energizing, and I really feel lucky to have lived there during the 24 days of YTT. Added to the beauty of the Nature, Aegialis Hotel and Spa created lovely facilities. The Spa is beautiful and perfect for relaxing the body / mind after the classes. Everywhere on the Hotel you have big windows to enjoy the amazing view on the sea and the sound of the waves in the background if you pay attention. The shalas are the most beautiful places I have ever practiced yoga. And last but not least, the food is delicious yet healthy, I really miss it now ! Miriam knows so much, Thank you for everything ! You made this experience so amazing 🙂 and I really felt safe and guided the whole time. From day 1, I fully trusted her as well as the other teachers. During the YTT I have learned so so much, and I have grown so much. It is an intense training, but so worth it, I truly believe everyone should do a YTT in their lives !
Emma Mackay
Emma Mackay
Student from United Kingdom
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Doing the yoga teacher training was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. Not only did I come a very long way in my physical yoga practice, I learned such a huge amount about the philosophy of yoga, the theory of anatomy and a yogic lifestyle that will stay with me throughout my life. Miriam is a fantastic teacher with deep knowledge about yoga, the yoga philosophy and a yogic lifestyle which she teaches in such a passionate and yet gentle manner that is is easy to understand and makes you curious to always learn more. Christos, the anatomy teacher has a fantastic knowledge about anatomy which really helps you understand yoga postures in more detail. The hotel facilities are beautiful. The rooms are clean, comfortable and luxurious. The island surroundings are beautiful, and it is not an exaggeration to say I felt like I was in paradise. The food is nutritious and delicious, prepared according to a yogic lifestyle. There is a huge variety for breakfast lunch and dinner and the chefs are also happy to accommodate special requests. The hotel staff are not only professional and helpful, they are warm, friendly and welcoming and make you feel like you're in a home away from home. The hotel owners Stammatis and Irene made us feel like part of their family our whole stay and did so many small, beautiful gestures like decorations our rooms for Christmas, baking a cake for a birthday and providing a wonderful last night full of violin and traditional Greek singing, all of which was done genuinely from the heart. I could not recommend this teacher training any higher. It was a wonderful experience I will always remember. Thank you all xx
Bronwen Jones
Bronwen Jones
Student from South Africa
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I just loved everything about my YTT training at Aegialis! I can honestly say that it was a life changing experience for me. Gaining an understanding of what yoga actually is, spending weeks with like minded, kind and inspiring girls. Being under Miriam’s incredible guidance as she shared her practice with us. I feel so grateful for Miriam, she is an incredible YTT trainer, patient and with so much knowledge to give. I feel especially in a time of Covid when so much felt hopeless and a little frustrating, coming to Amorgos island was like a breath of fresh air, an absolutely beautiful Hidden gem. Hiking , swimming at the beach and pool , yoga, delicious vegetarian food, teas chatting to the girls, amazing sauna sessions and massages with Christos at the spa, literally all my favourite things combined in a few weeks . I hope to be back to Aegialis. I miss it
Agathe Marionneau
Agathe Marionneau
Student from France
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Everything! Myriam, Christos and Stamatis are excellent teachers. I could not imagine i would learn as much as I did. The staff on too was attentive to every details. We were spoiled by the location, the food, the learning anatomy and philosophy. I feel my practice is transformed and I have progressed more than I would imagine. And the hotel facilities are the cherry on the cake.
Sydney Stover
Sydney Stover
Student from United States
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This YTT in Amorgos was nothing short of amazing! The depth of knowledge and practice shown and taught by Miriam was truly wonderful. She was an overall great teacher in asana and philosophy, and I feel I have learned so much to apply to my daily life! The facilities at the Aegailis Hotel and Spa were absolutely beautiful. It was clear the the entire staff/team made an effort to make our stay as relaxing as possible. Not only was the staff very friendly but many people went above and beyond to make us feel loved and welcomed for out entire stay. The overall experience of the 200 hr YTT, was unforgettable, and an experience I will carry with me throughout my life. I hope to some day return and experience this wonderful island again! I can not say thank you enough to the entire staff and my teachers!! With love, Sydney
Collin Gwendoline
Collin Gwendoline
Student from France
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I highly recommend the YTT at Aegialis. It was an amazing experience who make me grow in my yoga practice and personal development. The training experience was really complete. I learned so much from the teachers. Miriam, our principal teacher is an excellent teacher we can see that she is really passionate by what she is doing. I learn so much in yoga philosophy and I get more flexibility with the asanas practice. Samatis, Cristos, Eleni are also incredible, knowledgeable and lovely teachers ! In general, all the Team from the hotel was always here for us in order to make us pass a beautiful stay. The hotel have a wonderful sea view. It was a pleasure to wake up in a beautiful room, seeing the sea from the balcony, listening to the waves and the birds ( like a dream ). The sea is just at 15 min walking so you can easily go for a swim at the lunch break. There is also a Spa to get relax at the end of the day ! On top of this, the food was absolutely delicious and healthy. I really enjoyed my stay with all the Aegialis Family, i hope to come back soon !
Rebecca Schuh
Rebecca Schuh
Student from Germany
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The stay at Aegialis Hotel & Spa was an absolute dream and an experience to remember for the whole life. The training itself was a huge benefit, both for the physical body and also for the mind. We learned a lot about the yoga philosophy and for me these information are helpful for every part of my life. Miriam is an amazing teacher, always furthering her students individually and finding a really nice way to make all the information understandable and accessible. And also all the other teachers and all other people at the hotel, who made the stay so special, are so welcoming and friendly people. So there is no other option than feeling like home during this special experience. And of course, having a spa and such amazing healthy food during a time the body has to work that hard, is a really special thing. So thanks again to the whole team and I hope to have the chance to visit you soon again.
Veen Mayra
Veen Mayra
Student from Netherlands
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I last minute booked my yoga teacher training at ‘Aegialis school of yoga’ and did not regret it for a second. To; the peace of the island, the food, the magical sunsets, the spa, the music and all the teachers and staff, thank you! It was a beautiful experience to look inside, but also a moment to reflect on everything around with tears and laughter. I especially would like to thank my teacher Miriam, for sharing all your wisdom, love and trust with so much passion. You’re an inspiration, a life guide.
Schmidel Laura
Schmidel Laura
Student from Austria
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The overall experience at the Aegialis School of Yoga was amazing! It was an incredible journey, i gained a lot of wisdom and strength in my body. Everybody in the Aegialis School of Yoga and at Aegialis Hotel and Spa is very kind and warm-hearted, it felt like family since i arrived. The rooms and facilities are very luxurious and the Spa is perfect for relaxing after training and classes. The food is amazing and very nourishing with a lot of different options. What made this whole experience very special is Miriam. Her classes are amazing, my mind and body felt always incredible after the yoga classes. How Miriam shared her wisdom and knowledge about philosophy with us was very inspiring, which made it very easy for me to listen and be focused. I’m very grateful for the experience and everything i’ve gained during this Yoga Teacher Training and to be now part of the Aegialis School of Yoga family.
Halimi Teuta
Halimi Teuta
Student from United Kingdom
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What a magical and unforgettable experience. From the moment I arrived to the moment I left it was perfect. The hotel staff, waiters/waitresses, owners, spa staff and of course the amazing teachers did everything to make me feel at home. It was really home away from home. You get to know everyone personally and feel part of the family. They work around the clock to make sure each individuals stay is perfect and memorable. The Hotel itself is beautiful and the view from the rooms is breath taking. They have thought of every detail- every part of the hotel is a photo opportunity. The overall training experience was great, I learnt so much. The schedule was very balanced, and we also got days off which was really nice as they had arranged excursions for us around the Island. If you go on this course make sure you go on the excursions they are worth it- just bring your sun cream. The days are very meaty, filled with learning lots of new material and personal studying. But Miriam was very good at checking in with the class to see how we were feeling on a daily basis and she always made sure there was a good balance overall. Miriam is a fantastic teacher. The way Miriam teaches and explains the theory/practical is amazing. I was blown away by her teaching techniques and how she kept the whole class engaged throughout. She is also very patient and willing to offer support where needed. So passionate, knowledgeable and very inspiring. She is a superwoman!!! The Anatomy sessions taught by Christos were great. Christos is funny and very knowledgeable. We also were given business classes where Stamatis took us through some great marketing points on how to set up your own retreats which I found very useful. The facilities at the hotel were great. I loved it! The food was delicious and so tasty, a special thank you to Hussain (Chef), Arta (restaurant manager) and all the amazing staff for always providing us so much variety of food, welcoming us with a smile and keeping us fed throughout. The Spa was so peaceful and beautiful, a lovely place to relax after a day of studying.
Haslehner Magdalena
Haslehner Magdalena
Student from Austria
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I had an amazing time during my 200 YTT in Amorgos and can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone. The level of the asana classes is very well suited for beginners to intermediate practitioners, but also advanced students will certainly have fun as Miriam always offers a lot of variations. You can really see the progress you made after these 3 weeks. Furthermore I found the Pranayama and yoga philosophy very inspiring, although this was all new to me. Miriam is such a passionate teacher and she is very good with words and explaining. She always took a lot of time to answer any questions and lead interesting group discussions. So I really want to thank Miriam for her amazingly inspiring words and her passion, it is infectious! Also Kaliovi's help and Yin Yoga classes I enjoyed a lot. You just have to love her for her kindness, humbleness and aura of unconditional love! The yoga shalas are all beautiful with gorgeous views! We could even see the turtles swimming in the sea from the shala :)) I was super positively surprised with the equipment provided: Every student had their own yoga mat (which we were allowed to take home at the end - thank you!!), 3 blocks, a strap, 2 polsters, a blanket, a prana accupressure mat, a towel,… and after every class the space was cleaned, all props organized and the towels changed. Also we were given the chance to practice with the dharma wheel and we tried aerial yoga, walking meditation on the beach, rooftop yoga, trataka, jala neti,... What added a lot to my absolutely amazing experience with this YTT was the flair of this hotel. By the end we all felt like belonging to the big, warm family which is the core of this hotel. The staff were more than super helpful and friendly - they remembered every name and made you feel at home 🙂 Special thanks here to Arta, Mariana, Poppy and Celia. Moreover I just loved to view of Aegialis bay (which can be reached within 15 minutes by foot and is the most beautiful beach I have been to, such clear water!) from the room, the pool, the shala, the dining room :)) What also gave me a lot of strength and inspiration is the hotel area: there are flowers, little archways and so much greece vibes - seeing this every day on the way from the room to the shala always lifted my mood even more.
Manca Kogej
Manca Kogej
Student from Slovenia
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This teacher training absolutely exceeded my expectations! Amenities are wonderful, especially Shala, it has really good energy (whole island actually has it) and despite this is a 4 star hotel it definitely doesn't feel impersonal, too classy or too "shallow" - just the opposite, you can feel that is a family run hotel and that every single employee is putting 100% effort to make you feel as comfortable and satisfied as possible. Owners are amazing people <3 Also swimming pool is very nice, spa is big, clean, and on top everything is extremely instagramable (no filter needed ;)) Food is also amazing, I am vegan but also for non vegetarians, every one can find something on the menu, all food is prepared fresh, local and typical Greek dishes. If you fancy something else they have a good selection of raw bars, smoothies etc... What surprised me the most in a good way is how amazing Miriam was as a teacher. So much knowledge, patience, calm and stillness I saw only with few yogis. She was such an inspiration and reason for us to continue with journey, day by day, with every sore muscle:) Her willingness to help is beyond excpectations. I will miss her practice the most:( All other teachers were also amazing, can't thank them enough. We planned to do only 100hours but after our training we decided to come back to do another 100h. I will miss the rest of the group though, we were extremely lucky to have such a nice supporting group full of wonderfull ladies <3
John Doe
John DoeStudent from New Zealand
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This was a truly magical experience. The island of Amorgos offers the ideal setting to immerse yourself in the training and delve into the beautiful surroundings. Alongside the classes, we were able to enjoy the nature with many breathtaking hikes and dips in the ocean. We were completely spoiled by the facilities at the hotel - many shalas with stunning views which we could use to practise, access to the spa and gym, and very comfortable rooms. The food was delicious every single day. The chef always added variety and we had a lot to choose from for each meal. I really noticed a difference after eating at the hotel for a few days - my body felt so good and energised! A very special aspect of this course was the staff. They always went above and beyond to ensure we were happy and comfortable, and their attention to detail was on another level. They got to know each one of us personally and these connections made me feel part of the beautiful Aegialis family. The location definitely makes this course unique, however it wouldn’t be the same without the guidance of the primary teacher Miriam. The morning pranayama, meditation and asana practises were a definite highlight for me - I have never got out of bed so willingly and excited to start the day! It was amazing to feel so clearly how much this aspect of my practise developed with the daily consistency this course provides. Miriam is also extremely knowledgeable about yoga philosophy and her classes showed me new perspectives and ways to experience life. She is very open and clear, and I appreciate how she encouraged us to find our own way and stay authentic as we start a new venture as not only practitioners, but also teachers of yoga. I am so happy I chose this course, this place and these people. I will think fondly of Amorgos forever


Aegialis school of yoga was created by individuals who are passionate and devoted to spread the word about the yoga lifestyle and its benefits. Offering intensive 200-hour yoga teacher trainings registered with Yoga Alliance International, Aegialis School of yoga offers its students an in-depth study of the yoga philosophy, focus on asanas and alignment, and the overall yogic lifestyle, with an emphasis on empowering their students to pursue their passion of becoming yoga teachers. Situated in Amorgos, a beautiful Greek island famous for its high terrestrial magnetism, Aegialis School of yoga invites yoga aspirants to explore the yoga journey and learn from highly skilled teachers.

Aegialis School of yoga is part of the Aegialis Hotel & Spa family, a destination known to be one of the top in the world for yoga retreats. Welcoming yoga groups for over a decade now, Aegialis Hotel has over 100 yoga groups every year hosting their retreats here.

A unique YTT experience – Dive deep into the philosophy of yoga surrounded by peaceful nature and inspiring views. You will practice asanas with a specific focus on alignment, benefits and teaching techniques, dipe deep in the philosophy of yoga and embrace this transformational self-development experience

High end yoga facilities – 5 spacious yoga shalas, all with sea views and equipped with full yoga props (natural cork mats and blocks, straps, blankets, eye pillows, dharma wheels, inversion chairs, Prana mats, Iyengar wall, aerial yoga silks, Tibetan bowls, gong).

Highly skilled teachers – Your teachers are experts in their field, with a passion to share their knowledge with those who are ready to go deeper in their yoga practice and become yoga teachers. We encourage and empower our students to be open to learning, ask lots of questions and embrace their unique style of practice.

Luxury and comfort – Experience 5-star luxury in an island famous for having one of the highest magnetic fields in the world. Located on a slight hill overseeing the entire Aegiali Bay, Aegialis Hotel & Spa offers you a front row seat to sea views and the majestic mountainous landscape of the island. This is a prime location, with only a short walk to the beach and the Aegiali shops.

Delicious fresh food – Enjoy delicious fresh food at award winning Ambrosia Gallery Restaurant. You will be served an abundant breakfast buffet daily, as well as a tasty lunch and dinner. We use fresh food and locally grown vegetables and a variety of spices grown on the island. The meals are all vegetarian and vegan.

Group activities – Explore the beauty Amorgos island has to offer. During your time with Aegialis school of yoga, you can enjoy the activities planned such as hiking in the mountains with a walking meditation in nature; a guided island tour to the island’s most iconic sights and an introduction into the famous herbs of the island.

Lalon Idor Spa – Relax, rejuvenate and pamper yourself at our Lalon Idor Spa complex. You can enjoy complimentary use of the sauna, hammam, jacuzzi and the indoor salt-water pool, which comes with a water cannon and a flowing stream.

Body treatments and wellness – You will receive a complimentary full body massage from the highly skilled therapists at Lalon Idor Spa. Other body and beauty treatments are available from the spa menu at additional cost.

Gym – You can enjoy complimentary use of the gym.


Contact our team here and let us know. An unforgettable yoga experience in magical Amorgos island awaits you

Your questions, answered


A deposit of 30% of the total cost is required upon booking, in order for your spot to be confirmed. The remaining amount must be paid 15days prior to the start of the training (non-refundable)

Yoga equipment is provided including natural cork mats and blocks, bolsters, blankets, straps, eye pillows, aerial swings, Iyengar wall, inversion chairs, Tibetan chimes, candles, Tibetan singing bowls and incense sticks.

Of course you can extend your stay and embrace the energy of the island and our high end facilities for longer. Please advise our team in advance to ensure there is availability for your desired dates, as special rates are offered for this occasion, always depending on availability.

– 10 days accommodation at the SeaRock villa
Yin yoga manual 
– Goody bag
– Guided meditation manual/workbook
– Daily 3 meals (please note the menu is vegetarian and vegan only)
– Herbal tea and water
– ½ hour relaxation massage
– Complementary use of the outdoor pool
– Bus island tour 
– Transfers to the SeaRock villa from Amorgos port
– Transfers to the port from the SeaRock villa
– Certificate upon successful completion

Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted.

All cancellations confirmed 1 month prior to the starting date of the YTT will receive full refund of their deposit. Later cancellations than that, will not be eligible for a refund but can be transferred to the next YTT bach.


In case of any kind of unpredictable situations, like pandemics, and only if travelling on booking’s period is forbidden by Governments, then no refund can apply, but the 30% paid deposit will be transferred towards the next teacher training bach. If this will also be affected, or the dates are not suitable for the person, then the amount of the 30% paid deposit can be used for individual accommodation at Aegialis hotel & Spa, depending always on availability.


In case the new choice of training differs in price, either higher or lower than the originally booked package, this difference in cost will be settled upon arrival together with the remaining payment of the package.


During your yoga teacher training, you may choose from single accommodation, or shared accommodation as double, triple or quadruple. All rooms come with sea views and an elegant decor, to provide you with inspiration and an overall relaxing experience.

Yes you can enjoy complimentary WI-FI.

On some occasions we can allow space for pets, however this needs to be arranged at the time of your booking, Kindly note that pets are not allowed in our restaurants and the spa areas. The medical booklet is needed in any case and pet has to be on its leash when being outside of the room.


Yes, a delicious daily breakfast buffet, as well as lunch and dinner are included in the package. The meals are vegetarian and vegan, made with fresh ingredients. Please let us know at the time of your booking if you have any specific dietary requirements.

Daily freshly squeezed juices, water, herbal teas.


Arrival and departure transfers in Amorgos are included in your package.

As the easternmost island of the Cycladic region, Amorgos can only be reached by boat. There are two ports on the island, Aegiali and Katapola. Ferries depart from Piraeus port, Athens. Schedule of the ferries can be found online: www.openseas.gr and both ports have to be chosen in order to find all options.