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Cork Yoga mats and Blocks 

As the most important and essential prop during yoga practice, we offer sustainable and eco-friendly mats. Our custom-made Aegialis mats are made from natural cork as the top part and supported by a layer of natural rubber at the bottom. The blocks are steady and strong, but light in weight which makes the use of these simple and practical.


Yoga straps are very popular and often used during asana practices. They support deeper stretching, forward folds, backbends, improve flexibility and help with alignment into a posture. These durable straps are a standard 6 feet long and come with adjustable buckles.


We offer different shape and sizes bolsters, depending on your needs. Bolsters make an excellent supportive prop for yin and restorative yoga, but also for other styles. Custom made with breathable soft fabric to provide your body with a soft yet steady support during your practice.

Eye pillows

Eye pillows specifically made for shavasana, yoga nidra and other meditative practices. They are infused with lavender to provide a calming and relaxing effect.

Face towels

Small face towels made from soft cotton.


A range of different styles and sizes of blankets, ideal for shavasana, yoga nidra or other meditative practices. The blankets are super soft and can be rolled to use as supportive props in restorative or yin yoga practices, or as cushioning for the joints during any style of practice.

Aerial hammocks

For those who practice aerial yoga or would like to give it a try, we offer high quality and durable aerial hammocks. This anti-gravity practice is helpful to release back tension and pain, stretch and develop core strength and overall body muscles strength.

Aerial silks

The aerial silks are used mostly for acrobatic practices and postures, suitable for everybody, from beginners to advanced practitioners. They are much longer and thinner than the aerial hammocks, which provide the body with more freedom of movement.

Iyengar wall

The super yoga wall, created especially to support you in all postures. Originally created by the master teacher B.K.S Iyengar, the yoga wall comes with straps attached to the wall hooks to support any kind of asana practice. The intention behind the innovation of this wall is to correct and maintain alignment during a posture. There are many ways it can be used and almost all postures can be practiced on this wall.

Yoga chairs

The specific chairs to support your yoga practice, especially helpful for restorative, yin or Iyengar style practices. The chairs are simple, yet effective, and all come with a strong back support.

Yoga wheels

The yoga wheels are the ideal props to help with deeper stretching, backbends, improve flexibility and balance in the body. They come with a bearing capacity of up to 300kg and made with a sweat resistant, non-slip to layer.

Yoga inversion chairs

The yoga inversion chairs are used mostly during headstand or other inversion practices. They are safe to use and provide support for the neck and the body, so that you can comfortably practice inversions, whilst feeling supported. Using the inversion chair can also help to develop the needed core and shoulder strength for headstand and shoulder stands.

Prana Mat

The famous acupressure mats, designed to help the body relax and improve blood circulation. The prana mats come with the full back mat, the head mat and the small mini mats, depending on which area of the body you wish to use it for.

Tibetan chimes/bells

Traditionally used by Buddhist practitioners, the Tibetan chimes offer a relaxing and powerful effect during meditation, yoga nidra and other mindfulness practices.

Tibetan singing/sound bowls

These beautifully crafted Tibetan singing/sound bowls provide a powerful element to any meditative and relaxation practices. Traditionally, they are used for relaxing the mind, but also the body, the muscles and joints. The Tibetan sound bowls we offer are beginner friendly also and come with an excellent sound quality.


Different size candles are available to set the mood for your practice, or to be used during meditation or trataka. They are scent free.

Chakra yoga shala mists

These naturally made room mists by Aveda, are specifically created to balance the chakras/energy centre in the body. Each one provides a different scent for a specific energy centre in the body, to emit the qualities and bring balance to the body and mind.
Different scented incense are available to use for the yoga shalas, to set and provide the mood and feel of the practice.

Meditation gong

This large meditation gong provides the perfect sound healing therapy for all meditative and relaxation practices. Traditionally, the meditation gongs are used to create a peaceful state of body and mind, through its sound and the vibrations emitted from the sound.

Large Swiss balls

The Swiss balls are mainly used to develop core power and body muscle strength. They can also be used for supporting with shoulder and chest opening, and assist with backbending practice.

Pilates rings

These famous Pilates rings can be used to develop muscle toning and strength for different parts of the body. They are easy to use and come in two different levels, one is easier and the other slightly harder, for those who wish to add some challenge to their Pilates practice.
Projector, white boards and a full size anatomy skeleton
To assist your workshops and educational classes, we also offer a projector with a large screen, white boards and a full size anatomy skeleton.

Sound systems and wireless microphone

Each shala comes with a speaker and their own sound system. They are easy to use, compatible with pairing up of cell-phones, Ipads and laptops through Bluetooth or cable. Microphones are also available.

Yoga SUPs

Our custom-made Aegialis School of Yoga SUP’s are ideal for SUP yoga classes or for those who wish to try some postures on them at the outdoor sea water pool. With a beautiful Cycladic design and unique style, they are over 3m long, with enough width to make you feel safe and balanced on the water.