Created by yoga practitioners to empower yoga aspirants on their journey of movement, balance & self-discovery.

Where it all began

In a magical little island where the crystal clear Aegean sea and nature’s treasures surround. An abundance of inspiration and calm, the tranquility of the natural environment gave us the support and space to practice yoga. And just like all the great yoga masters say, the practice and wisdom once found, it must be shared. And so we did…

Our mission

Our mission to share the yoga knowledge through bringing yogis together in one place Aegialis Hotel & Spa quickly became on of the most sought after destinations for yoga & wellness retreats. Teachers and practitioners from all over the world chose us for their place of yoga and meditation, and continue to do so. For over a decade now, we have welcomed 700 groups here for their yoga journey together. Surrounded by nature’s treasures and the healing energy of the crystal clear Aegean sea.

Aegialis School of Yoga
Sharing the yoga widsom

“Sometimes the journey leads you to the destination"

As we continued with our mission, we understood a new scope of service to the world. The journey inspired us to spread the yoga knowledge even further. This time to open the doors of the yoga path to those who aspire to make yoga part of their purpose and join us in sharing the philosophy & practice. Aegialis school of yoga was born…..

Move freely

Traditionally asana practice was done in minimal or lose clothing to allow the body to move freely without any distraction. ayoga collection follows this principle that everybody can feel good to move! Adapting to modern times, ayoga pieces are made to fuel your movement with a touch of style to look good whilst doing so. Our body is a beautiful vessel for the soul to travel in this physical world and we must learn to love it and feel good in our own skin! Our key pieces offer simplistic yet timeless designs, that flatter the body as it is and inspire you to explore your yoga lifestyle with self-belief, calm and ease.